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In the interrogation room, Billy thanks Amanda for coming and apologizes for pushing her away. Amanda warns him not to lie to her again, not to interfere with witnesses, not to speak to the D.A., and to listen to any advice she gives him. They discuss Alyssa being the eyewitness. Billy assumes she’s part of the set-up and questions the timing of her return to Genoa City. Amanda wonders if there’s something else motivating her. Billy worries Adam manipulated her but Amanda’s not sold.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Lily hammers on Alyssa’s door and pleads to talk to her. Alyssa opens the door and agrees to give her five minutes. They bicker about whether Billy’s the shooter. Lily believes in his innocence completely. Alyssa only told the police she saw him. Lily asks if she’s part of the set up and questions why she’s in Genoa City. Alyssa was looking to write a follow-up on the Adam expose. Lily vows to get to the bottom of this, then leaves. Rey arrives and tells Alyssa, “We have a problem,” as Lily eavesdrops. He relays they have to go to the station and move her to a more secure location. Lily sneaks into the suite after they walk away, dons gloves, and starts snooping. In a drawer, she spots a pair of black leather gloves, then looks at a framed photo on the nightstand.

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In the hotel lobby, Phyllis is frustrated trying to figure out how to pay Nick back. He’s unconcerned. Phyllis loves him but she doesn’t want to be rescued by his money; she’s always prided herself on being independent. The hotel was her rebirth and after wrestling Abby and Victoria for ownership, there’s another Newman with a stake now. Nick doesn’t see it as owning a stake and credits her with making the place amazing. Phyllis can pay him back in a timely manner… but it’s not completely above board. Nick doesn’t want her doing anything risky or illegal. He gave her the money because they’re a team. Phyllis considers she should have been as ruthless as Victoria; she’s tired of losing. If she doesn’t stand on her own two feet again that means Vikki was right about everything.
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At the Chancellor mansion, Nina admires Abby and Chance’s first Christmas tree and offers to help decorate it. Abby would rather talk about their honeymoon, but Nina pulls out a gift she hopes will change Abby’s mind. After some talk about the ill-fated trip and starting a family, Abby opens the present — it’s an angel Grandma Kay gave them when Chance was little. He flashes to the memory and they all get a little emotional. Abby and Chance gift Nina with a framed photo of the three of them at the wedding. She gushes about seeing Chance happy, healthy and in love before retiring for the night ahead of her flight out. Later, Chance and Abby relive more Christmas memories and reflect on how it will be when they have kids. Chance gives Abby a seashell from their honeymoon beach as an early gift, to remind her their honeymoon will last the rest of their lives.
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At Crimson Lights, Faith tells Sharon she’s tired, then looks at a mean text comparing her to a clown. She lies to her mother that the message was about the school basketball game. Faith goes to the patio where Lola can see she’s crying. Sharon calls her daughter so Lola asks to steal the girl to test a recipe. Up in Lola’s apartment, Faith shows her the mean text. Lola tries to convince her to ignore it. When Faith confides that Sharon’s driving her nuts with her worrying, Lola talks about the importance of having good friends and assures her she’ll survive high school. Whenever she gets down she can call on Auntie Lola. Faith thinks she’s too cool to be an auntie. Downstairs, Nick joins Sharon, who relays Faith’s been in a mood today. She senses something’s bothering him. Nick admits it’s about Phyllis, which is a sore subject for her. Sharon’s perspective has changed since chemo; she’s strong enough to hear what Phyllis has done now. Nick fills her in on the issue with the money and Sharon confesses she can see where Phyllis is coming from. They agree Nick’s a rescuer. Sharon suggests he accept Phyllis for who she is, not who he thinks she should be. Later, Faith rejoins her mother, who is glad to hear Lola gets her.
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Nick returns to the hotel and assures Phyllis he sees her as an unstoppable force of nature. He won’t apologize for helping, but will agree to a legitimate payment plan so the Grand Phoenix will be all hers. Phyllis is glad they’re a team. Nearby, Lily and Amanda discuss Billy having no idea who’s after him. Amanda concludes it’s hard to fight an enemy you can’t see. Talk turns to Alyssa, and Lily reveals she went back to talk to her, and then sneaked into her room. She noticed a framed photo of her dad and shooting gloves in a drawer. They have to tell Billy!

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In the interrogation room, Billy is taken back to his cell by Rey.
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Billy contemplates how his family and friends would be impacted if he goes to prison.

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