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At Society, Lily joins Victor at the bar and talk turns to Billy taking a leave of absence from Chance Comm. Victor thinks she can run it herself and adds, “Good riddance.” Lily references the convenient evidence against him and wonders if Victor had something to do with it. Victor finds her loyalty commendable, though Billy doesn’t deserve it, and argues she has a thin hypothesis — the wheels of justice are turning. Lily feels it’s not justice if Billy’s innocent but Victor disagrees. He vows if Michael doesn’t see to it Billy pays, then he will. Across the room, Theo complains to Sally about the Abbotts trying to buy him off with an insignificant company nobody wants. He’s going to court and needs her to get more information. Sally won’t tie herself to a losing proposition and advises him to take the company and move to Paris. Theo taunts that she won’t be able to take on Victor Newman’s granddaughter without him.
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At the courthouse, Michael meets with Amanda and Billy. He wants Billy to plead guilty to second degree attempted homicide so he’ll do less time. Michael explains they have a mountain of evidence against him. Amanda questions if the eyewitness actually saw Billy pull the trigger. Billy grunts if they did, they’re lying. Michael counters that the only person lying so far is him. Michael rants about how it will play out in court. Billy invites Michael to look him in the eye and tell him he believes he did it. Michael can’t do it. Billy accuses him of only looking for a big win and warns he’s not afraid of a fight — he has the truth on his side. Michael states the offer goes away at 5:00 PM and exits.
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Chance carries Abby across the threshold at the Chancellor Estate where Chloe stands holding the screaming Miles. Chloe’s apologetic and assures them they’re moving out soon. Chance and Abby plan to start a family of their own. Chloe’s happy for them. Abby talks about their honeymoon while Chance squirms. Chloe assumes it’s because she’s his ex. Abby and Chance are enlisted to watch the baby, who starts crying the minute Chloe dashes out. Over the next while, Abby gets thrown up on and Chance deals with a poopy diaper. Once the baby’s settled, they look forward to raising their own children there.
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At Crimson Lights, Summer briefs Mariah on the Jabot marketing job. Mariah asks what’s going on with her and Kyle. Summer bristles and informs her they’re working things out and won’t let anything — or anyone — get between them again. After, Summer spots Theo on the patio and confronts him about the lawsuit. Theo complains he is grieving too and lists the Abbotts’ transgressions against him. How does wanting his fair share make him a bad guy? Summer uses the cautionary tale of the time her father and his siblings sued Victor to try and dissuade him from moving ahead. Theo learns they won and is inspired. Summer explains Nick lived with regret and the money didn’t make him happy. Theo wouldn’t feel that way and thanks Summer for the confidence boost.
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At Jabot, Sally and Jack go over the executive assistant position not being what she’d hoped for. Sally relays she encouraged Theo to accept their offer. Jack learns that Theo was insulted by their offer. Kyle arrives as Jack thanks her for the heads-up about Theo and leaves. Kyle lets Sally in on his history with Theo. She doesn’t blame him for not liking the guy and admits she pretended to be his friend. Kyle’s intrigued by her honesty. Sally reminds him she’s been upfront about wanting to move up and suggests herself for Summer’s old marketing job. Kyle explains the position’s been filled. Mariah appears and says, “By me.” Sally recognizes her from GC Buzz and says Jabot was lucky to grab her. Once outside, Sally’s smile turns to an angry frown.

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At the penthouse, Chelsea looks at photos of Connor and is terrified about her appointment. Adam will see to it she has everything she needs. They agree to keep Connor in the dark about her health crisis. Adam will do the worrying while she focuses on getting well. They’re about to leave when Victor shows up. They’re anxious to leave and Victor picks up on it. Adam reminds him they don’t owe him an explanation. Victor relays that his decision to tell him what happened in Kansas came from a deep sense of caring — one day he’ll understand that.
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At Society, Billy and Amanda debate whether he should take Michael’s offer. She points out it’s two years as opposed to ten. Billy complains he’s being framed, but Amanda reminds him of the evidence and that he has motive. Billy fires her on the spot. Later, Lily arrives. She’s spoken to Amanda and tells Billy he’s over-reacting. Billy won’t go to prison. Lily’s been there and urges him to listen to her where Amanda’s concerned. Billy reveals he’s found someone at the GCPD who knows where the eyewitness is staying. Lily perks up and declares they can’t waste time. “We have to figure out a plan.”

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At Crimson Lights, Jack and Lauren discuss Sally’s ambition. It doesn’t bother Lauren; neither of them would have been happy as someone’s assistant for long either. Michael shows up and Jack snaps at him to drop the charges against Billy before stalking off. Michael tells Lauren he couldn’t look Billy in the eye and say he was guilty but he can’t let his personal feelings get involved.

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Adam and Chelsea return to the penthouse after her appointment. She can’t be treated until after the holidays. Chelsea was watching him earlier with Victor and questions if he’ll truly be able to cut ties. Adam insists it won’t be a problem, and in the meantime they’ll have Christmas with their son as a family.

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