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Nick enters their suite as Phyllis mutters, “What a joke.” He gathers she’s reading the Chance Comm piece on Victoria and thought they’d patched things up. Phyllis relays, “Either she goes or I go, and I’m not going anywhere.” She complains about Victoria micro-managing and driving her insane — she hasn’t told him because she didn’t want to put him in the middle. Nick’s warned Victoria he’s on Phyllis’ side. Switching gears, Phyllis wonders if they’ve resolved the misunderstanding over Faith’s drinking. Nick assures her they’re in a good place; correcting Faith’s behavior’s the only thing that matters. Phyllis refuses his help with the hotel, but he worries if he doesn’t she’ll lose the business. “We’re in this together.” Phyllis relents.

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At Newman, Victor warns Victoria about giving quotes in Billy’s defense; it will look bad for the company if he’s found guilty. Victoria questions if he’s the one framing Billy and Victor angrily denies it. Victoria relays that Adam’s delayed his departure out of Genoa City and she’s 100% sure Billy isn’t the shooter. Victor will be there for her and the children whatever happens.
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Jill arrives in the hotel lobby, where Billy acknowledges, “Mom.” She replies, “You idiot.” She tells him she told Lily she wanted him on a plane to Samoa. Billy has to stay and fight this. Jill’s heartbroken she can’t stay and fight with him — Phillip’s developed an infection in Australia and needs her. Billy understands. Jill advises him not to screw this up. Amanda arrives and Jill levels a couple more warnings before tearfully leaving. Amanda’s still upset with Billy lying — if he can’t tell her the whole truth she can’t be his lawyer. She won’t drop him but it can’t happen again. Amanda warns they’re attorney and client until the case is over; whether they’re friends again after is up to him.
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On their honeymoon, Abby and Chance are in an upgraded bed kissing. Abby wants to do something special on their last night — discuss what their life will be like when they get back. Chance explains they can move into the Chancellor mansion since Kevin and Chloe found a place and Esther’s going with them. Abby thinks it would be silly to say no. They toast. Abby questions whether to change her last name and reveals she’s decided to go all in — Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor. They make love to celebrate, then talk baby names. Chance proposes Agatha and Dashiell; mystery writers. Abby suggests Cary, as in Cary Grant, and Diana, the one true princess.
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In Lola’s apartment, Elena shows off a new dress for her dinner with Nate but she’s nervous. Lola’s encouraging as Elena worries she doesn’t deserve this and wishes Devon would forgive her. Lola advises her to live in the moment for her Nate date.
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At Devon’s place, he and Lily debate Billy’s innocence. She switches gears to Nate. Devon warns things may never be fixed and makes his point by asking when she last spoke to Cane. Lily remains hopeful the cousins will make peace, but Devon advises she save her optimism for Billy. Lily admits Amanda has her work cut out for her defending Billy, who’s his own worst enemy sometimes. She’s certain he’s not guilty. Devon knows from experience people sometimes ignore the faults of those they care about; he thinks she should cut ties with Billy before he takes her down with him. Lily’s irked and leaves.
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At Society, Lola wishes Elena good luck as Nate appears. He tells her she looks amazing and they laugh at their nervousness. They sit and decide to pretend they’re meeting for the first time. Nearby, Victoria updates Nick on Adam not leaving town before talk turns to Billy. Victoria wants to discuss something else. Nick mentions the article about her, before proposing they find a way to get Phyllis out from under her thumb. Victoria suggests Phyllis should sell her her share in the hotel, but Nick argues it’s a success because of Phyllis. Victoria tells him there may be a way to fix this. He’s pleased. Across the room, Nate’s charmed by Elena telling a story he’s already heard. Just then, Devon arrives to get takeout. After, Elena admits she panicked when he walked in; she doesn’t want to hurt him. Nate doesn’t either. They agree they had fun and Elena says she’d like another Nate date. Before leaving, she gives Lola the thumbs up.
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At Chance Comm, Lily gets a text from Jill asking her to look out for Billy. She finds him in the office, where he’s left a red rose on her desk. She’s surprised he had time for this. Billy lets her know she’s of the utmost importance. They talk over his situation with Amanda; he thinks he’s in good hands. Lily worries they’re not trying to find the real shooter and suggests they investigate on their own. Billy is so in.

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At Grand Phoenix, Nick updates Phyllis that he thinks she’s going to get her hotel back.

At Newman, Victoria tells someone by phone to find a way to push Phyllis out, and then sell the building. She disconnects and murmurs, “Sorry, Nick.”

At home, Devon calls Amanda to invite her to share his takeout. She says she’ll be right there.

As Amanda’s leaving her suite, she gets a request from Michael Baldwin to meet the next day.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Amanda plays hardball with Michael.

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