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At the Abbott mansion, Jack updates his sisters and Kyle that Billy’s attorney is on the case, and talk turns to Theo’s lawsuit. Kyle and Ashley agree that he deserves nothing given his approach and should be shut down. Jack and Traci want to make a gesture and show him they respect his position. He wants to take a vote. Ash feels it has to be unanimous. Traci calls out, “All in favor of Jack’s plan to make this go away.”

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At Grand Phoenix, Theo grills Sally on what she’s heard about the Abbott’s plan of attack. She relays they’re not giving him anything and don’t believe he has a chance in hell of winning the lawsuit. Theo grunts, “Game on.” Sally wants the quid pro quo on Summer he promised her and warns him not to short-change her. Theo knows her Achilles heel and states, “Kyle.” Sally’s unimpressed. Theo explains that Summer’s jealousy when it comes to Kyle is her weakness. If she feels she’s losing him it will throw her off her game. Later, Theo meets with Brittany. He’s upset his source didn’t have more information, but Brittany reassures him and relays they have a meeting.
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At Crimson Lights, Lauren and Summer are excited to share ideas on Jabot Collective. Summer relays that things are good with Kyle now and everything has fallen into place. Sally arrives. Lauren’s annoyed she’s late but is impressed when she hears everything she’s accomplished and compliments her on taking the initiative. They discuss conference calls and a big press release about Summer. Sally’s super helpful. Lauren’s pleased to have two talented women on her team. When Lauren steps away, Sally encourages Summer to lean on her when running JCV. Summer tries to brush her off. Sally explains she sees herself as a liaison between JCV, Jack, and Kyle of course.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Chloe fills Kevin in on Chelsea leaving with Adam tonight. She’s not sure she can see her and pretend to be happy for her being with that monster. Kevin urges her to take another shot at talking her out of it; if nothing else she’ll get to have a decent goodbye.

At the penthouse, Adam hollers upstairs to Chelsea that he booked the last flight out tonight. He spots a call from Dr. Bradley coming in on her cellphone and answers it but viewers don’t hear what’s said. Chelsea appears as he disconnects. Adam confronts her about lying and informs her that her CT scan revealed a small cerebral aneurysm that could be potentially dangerous. The fall in the elevator may have caused it and her blackout earlier was a seizure. They argue about whether or not to leave. Adam’s not willing to risk it — her aneurysm could burst in the air. Chelsea calls for an appointment but they’re booked solid. Adam uses the Newman name to get an appointment for her tomorrow. Chelsea gets a text from Chloe and agrees to let Adam drive her over.
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Victor arrives in Victoria’s office where she informs him Billy’s out on bail and she’s busy. Victor won’t be dismissed and says he was proud to see the article from Chance Comm on her leadership. Victoria feels there’s more to the visit. Victor wanted to assure her Adam is no threat to her and says he’s leaving tonight. Victoria laughs; they’ll see how long that lasts. Victor reminds her they protect their own. Victoria relays Adam’s his son, not one of her own. Victor wants her to show more compassion as she’s asked him to so many times in the past.
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At the Abbott mansion, the family tells their lawyer that they want to offer an appeasement to Theo. Brittany and Theo arrive. The lawyer relays the Abbotts would like to give Theo a boutique company in Paris that belonged to Dina. Theo says, “It’s a start.” Brittany argues that Theo’s the son of Dina’s firstborn and has been denied any financial benefit. Kyle hollers that Dina had more meaningful relationships with her nurses than Theo. Brittany informs them, “We’ll see you in court.” Jack would like to speak to Theo alone. Ashley warns Jack not to give in. Traci tells Theo he’s making a terrible mistake. He thought she was the nice one. She is, to those who deserve it. Once alone, Theo complains the boutique didn’t mean anything to Dina, or to Jack, or they wouldn’t be giving it away. Jack asks what he’s trying to prove. Theo complains that the family has treated him like a pariah and kept him at arm’s length. He did some stupid things but no one took the time to see his point of view. “If Dina was healthy she would tell you…” Jack cuts him off. He gave him the benefit of the doubt but he’s just another opportunist. It’s lazy and cheap to swoop in like this. Jack warns the offer is off the table tomorrow at 4:00 PM. “You cannot win this fight,” advises Jack as he tells Theo to think long and hard or he’ll look back and remember this as the moment he lost everything!

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Adam runs into Victoria at Society and reveals he and Chelsea have had a change of plans; they have unfinished business to take care of. Victoria snarks that she knew he’d pull some sort of stunt. Adam insists he wants to go. Victoria’s worried about how much Connor suffers just from being his offspring. Adam declares the three of them will start over as a real family. Victoria wonders how long that will last and feels Connor’s future will be in question as long as Adam’s in his life.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Chloe tells Chelsea that Miles will act as their mediator. Chelsea holds the baby until he falls asleep, then relays she got bad news about her headaches. Chloe’s upset to hear about the aneurysm, but is happy to hear she’s staying. She thinks Adam should leave by himself. Chelsea loves him and needs him; she’s scared. Chloe insists she’ll help her through this.

Back at Newman, Victoria paces and looks deep in thought.

Chelsea returns home, where Adam has food and wants to make a Christmas list for Connor. Chelsea assures him everything will be okay.

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