Amanda fumes at Billy Y&R
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At the police station, Billy gets his mug shot taken.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria abruptly disconnects a call when she gets a text from Victor that Billy’s been arrested.

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On Crimson Lights patio, Rey tells Michael that Billy was taken off guard by the arrest. Michael guesses he must not know about their witness. Rey confirms the witness is under protection. Michael complains about the case — Billy is too sympathetic a suspect. Inside, Sharon urges Faith to take a break from helping out. She questions her about a missing homework assignment. Faith’s text group starts in on weird Uncle Adam being locked up and teases he might try to give Faith away again. Another member of the group asks, “Who would want her?” Faith grills Sharon about Adam being committed. Sharon relays he’s already been discharged. Faith can’t believe it — he’s evil and she doesn’t know why Sharon can’t see that. She decides to clean the grease traps which are less disgusting than her uncle.
Michael meeting Y&R

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Jill arrives at Chance Comm and complains to Amanda about Billy still being in lock up. Amanda reveals to her and Lily that the police have an eyewitness who can place Billy near the scene at the time of the shooting, but won’t disclose their identity. Jill thinks it sounds too convenient and there’s a vendetta going on. Lily insists Billy was there in the building at the time of the shooting and urges Amanda to check the security footage. Jill rants that Billy’s being railroaded and storms out to go to the police station. Amanda and Lily start a timeline for the day of the shooting. Lily is forced to admit that Billy could have had time to get there and back while she was out, but maintains his innocence. Victoria appears and says Lily’s right; Billy couldn’t have done this. She alludes to Amanda defending Billy before. Amanda excuses herself and Victoria tells Lily that Billy and Amanda had an affair. Lily reminds her they claimed they never crossed the line and questions Victor claiming he saw them in a motel. Talk turns to Adam planning to leave town. Victoria muses that the person who tried to shoot him is still out there so he’d be smart to get away while he can.
Lily timeline Y&R

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At the penthouse, Chelsea tries to downplay fainting, but Adam wants her to take it easy until they get the test results back. Rey arrives to inform Adam that Billy’s been arrested. Adam’s pleased and hopes that frees Chelsea from suspicion since they plan to leave town. Rey confirms it. After he leaves, Chelsea enthuses that they can leave right away. Adam replies, “Like hell we can.” He wants to make sure the doctor clears her first since it’s not the first time she passed out. She admits the headaches are getting worse then asks about his meeting with Victor and Victoria. Adam fills her in on Victoria asking him to sign away his rights to all things Newman. After realizing how close he came to almost killing them all, he offered to sign the documents as long as his inheritance goes to Connor. Chelsea wants to get out of Genoa City as soon as the doctor calls. When Adam goes upstairs, Chelsea searches fainting online, then leaves Chloe a message that they’re moving away. Adam reappears and Chelsea lies she was on the phone with the doctor and she merely has low blood pressure. Adam will book their flights.
Chelsea, Adam bicker Y&R

Rey arrives at the coffee house talking wedding cakes. Sharon relays that Faith is cleaning to avoid talking further about Adam. Rey shares that he’s planning on leaving town. Sharon learns Billy was arrested and can’t believe it. She asks if he’s sure Billy fired the gun. Later, Faith gets a text from Jordan pressuring her to go out and rolling her eyes when Faith says her mother is hovering. Elsewhere, Sharon tells Rey she doesn’t want to spend any more time on Adam and is keen to plan the wedding. Rey’s been waiting a long time for those words. Talk turns back to the case and Sharon senses he’s uncertain Billy’s guilty. Rey concedes he may be being set up. Sharon frets, “That means the shooter’s still out there.”

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At Society, Jill vows to Lily she knows Billy didn’t do it but he could be convicted anyway. She wants Lily to help her convince him to get on a company jet and leave the country. Lily argues if he leaves he won’t be able to come back and wouldn’t abandon his family. Jill knows, it was just a momentary lapse. She hopes Amanda is good.
Jill get out of country Y&R

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At Chance Comm, Billy thanks Amanda for posting bail. Amanda tells him about the eyewitness. Billy thinks something shady is going on. Amanda thinks they’re keeping the person’s identity hidden out of fear of retaliation. She questions why he didn’t already check the security footage to prove he was in the office and figures he left the building when Chance was shot. Billy admits he left. Amanda fumes that he lied to the police. Billy explains he was following Adam thinking he had something to do with Chelsea’s kidnapping. Adam went into the building and locked the door. He then saw Chelsea walking away and she was fine. Amanda reads him the riot act for lying — he just made her job ten times harder.
Billy lied Y&R

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