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Chance carries Abby over the threshold of their honeymoon cabana, which is tiny. Abby laughs, believing it’s a prank and wants him to take her to their real five-star room. Chance says it’s the honeymoon suite, and it looked better on the website. Abby thinks it’s a storage unit and her husband got ripped off. After, she decides she has everything she needs there to make her happy and they kiss. Abby fixes the place up with scarves and they raid the mini-fridge for champagne. They decide to rest on their private beach. Later, they laugh over Kyle’s advice about make-up sex. The conversation turns to having kids and then it starts raining. Abby groans. Chance vows he’s still going to make love to her under the stars. Abby changes into something sexy and Chance discovers their bed is an air mattress. They decide to read more marriage advice and get Nikki’s note — love is patient and kind. Chance declares the air bed is only a bump in the road and Abby settles in eventually after an unsuccessful search for linens. Chance feels like a lucky man. Abby still wants to hop a flight to Bora Bora tomorrow.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Nina, Traci, Esther, Jack, and Ashley giggle over Jill having gone upstairs to sleep. Talk turns to where Abby and Chance will live and Esther suggests there. Nina protests as Chloe and Kevin live there. Esther reveals they’re house-hunting. Jack muses about the Abbott pool house as Ashley gets excited about the grandchildren to come. Nina gets teary and goes over getting the call Chance had been shot. Ash agrees it’s been a whirlwind. Jack feels Abby and Chance will have a long and happy life together and teases he knows something they don’t. The conversation turns to the Teardrop of Love, which Jack’s convinced will guide them. Esther gushes over the romance of it all. Nina thanks the Abbotts for being so welcoming to Chance as they head out. Jack hangs back to gaze up at Katherine’s portrait and leaves a note, “It was a magical night. Sweet dreams. J.”
Nina, Esther after wedding Y&R

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Sally arrives at the hotel, where Billy’s enjoying a drink. She introduces herself and asks about Abby’s wedding, and explains he helped find the dress. He says it went off without a hitch. She invites herself to join him for a drink but he’s waiting for his date. They chat about her new job and Billy thinks Lauren’s lucky to have her. Sally talks up running her own fashion house and Billy remarks he’d love to hear how she went from that to being Lauren’s gofer. Sally claims she needed a change, but that’s not the only reason she came. Lily arrives and Billy makes introductions. Sally adjourns to the bar and Billy flirts with Lily.
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Upstairs at Grand Phoenix, Kyle fills Summer in on the wedding. Summer hopes Abby wasn’t disappointed she was a no-show, but she didn’t want to be in the spotlight. They try to watch a classic movie, The Awful Truth, but the Wi-Fi goes down. Summer suggests they go watch at the Abbott house. Downstairs, they run into Sally, who didn’t know they were back together. Summer interjects that they definitely are. Sally offers Summer advice at her new job since she has years of experience. After, Summer complains Sally was condescending. Kyle thinks she’s covering up insecurities. Elsewhere, Billy updates Lily on unsuccessfully trying to avoid Victor at the wedding. Lily’s stunned to learn that Chance actually thinks Billy may have shot him. She feels they can clear his name by getting the security footage from the Chance Comm building. Billy relays Victor had Adam committed and they speculate on whether he has goons watching him. Billy teases he needs a safe place to sleep tonight. “Do you know anyone that might take me in?” They complain about Victor and discuss Jill’s disappointment at the end of their relationships with Cane and Victoria. Lily’s certain she hasn’t given up hope on Billy finding happiness.
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Kyle and Summer arrive at the Abbott mansion where Ashley thinks the Teardrop of Love is working its magic on them. She and Traci disappear and Jack is convinced to join Kyle and Summer. Partway through the movie, Summer pauses it and accuses Kyle of wanting her to watch it because the couple in it has the same issues as they do. Kyle concludes, “They belong together.” Jack smiles knowingly as they continue watching. After, in a moment alone, Kyle credits Jack with helping him fix things with Summer. Jack’s proud he didn’t give up.
Summer at Abbott house Y&R

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At the Grand Phoenix, Billy tries to cajole Lily into one more drink so she invites him to walk her to her room and see what develops.

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