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At the Chancellor Estate, Devon begins the ceremony by explaining he believes weddings are the best kind of celebration, and they’re all Abby and Chance’s support system. Nina does a reading. As she concludes, Kyle sneaks in and sits down. Chance begins his vows and says Abby is the only excitement he craves now. He vows to give her a life she deserves and promises to keep the magic alive in big ways and small. Billy arrives quietly as Abby reflects on how it scared the life out of her when Chance got shot. She promises to be a loving wife and devoted mother to their children. He vows to keep them safe. Devon guides them through the next portion, the exchange of rings, and pronounces them husband and wife. They share a kiss as the guests applaud.
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After the ceremony, Abby and the guests compliment Devon on how natural he was, and Victor makes a toast of congratulations. Ashley follows with a warning to Chance to keep the light shining in her daughter’s eyes, and teases she wasn’t always a picnic before referring to her Naked Heiress days. Jill pipes up next — she’d never presume to speak for Katherine but feels her presence and believes she’d be thrilled with the union. Nikki backs up the sentiment. Jill admits she had reservations about the quickie wedding but realizes she was wrong. Nina interrupts — she thinks Jill is trying to welcome Abby to the family. She does the honors and reads a letter from Phillip, who wishes he could have been there and sends love and well wishes. Chance responds by referring to Abby as his wife for the first time and thanking everyone for sharing in their celebration. Abby echoes what her husband said and reflects on expanding their legacies when their children are born.
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Upstairs, Mariah gushes about the ceremony and Abby thanks her for everything she did. Mariah confirms she looks as happy as she feels. She urges her to change so they can go spread the happiness like sunshine.
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Downstairs, Billy’s stunned to learn no one told Jill about his situation. Victor does the honors by stating, “Your son shot your grandson.” Jill’s jaw drops. Nikki whisper-hisses at Victor not to ruin this day for Abby. Billy insists he didn’t pull the trigger and wasn’t there. Chance says he will wait for the evidence to come in. After, Jill tells Billy she believes him and warns him not to get cocky and screw this up.

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In the bedroom, Chance tells Abby how much he adores her and she calls him the perfect husband. They discuss the Billy situation. Abby doesn’t want to think the worst of them. Talk turns to flying off to paradise for their honeymoon where there’s no cell service.
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In the living room, the guests applaud as Abby and Chance reappear. They feed each other wedding cake. Jill and Nikki titter over Jack and Victor managing to agree on the perfect celebration, then Victor shoots Billy a dirty look. Billy decides he can’t stay. Meanwhile, Esther nearly faints when Jill compliments her efforts. Mariah makes her way over to Devon and urges him not to give up on love. “Things are looking up for you, I know it.” Nearby, Nikki and Jack convene to discuss both families needing this happy occasion and Dina. After, Jill needles Jack as to which was the one who got away — Nikki or Phyllis? Jack’s only looking forward from now on.
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In the bedroom, Ashley tells Traci she’s so excited to see her baby girl embarking on this stage of her life. Traci tears up and Ash apologizes for being insensitive. Traci assures her she’s only feeling joy about Abby’s special day.
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At the bottom of the staircase, Nina has one more surprise for Abby and Chance before they sneak away. She gives everyone a marker and a card to write down a bon voyage message to be put in a box and gifted to the newlyweds.
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Later at the Chancellor mansion, Abby and Chance take their box and go upstairs to do a last check before heading for Victor’s private plane and their honeymoon. Nina admits she wondered if Chance would always be a lone wolf. Jill looks forward to them having kids. Nina, Jill, and Nikki have a snarky moment while looking upon Katherine’s portrait. The older guests reflect on the passing of time with their children, and Abby and Chance depart. Jill muses that perhaps it’s possible this wedding brought them all together in a way nothing else could. Jack toasts to the Abbotts, Chancellors, and Newmans bravely facing the future together.
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In a hotel suite, Kyle picks up something belonging to Summer, and smiles.

At the Grand Phoenix, Billy texts Lily, “You in the mood?” and then, “For a nightcap?”

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At the office, Victoria thinks back on the day and smiles.

At Crimson Lights, Nick happily takes a call from Phyllis.

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