Chance, Devon, Abby altar wedding Y&R
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At the Chancellor Estate, Ashley, Victor, and Nina chat as Nina relays that Phillip couldn’t make it due to appendicitis. She shares that Chance asked her to be his best mom. Nearby, Jack and Victoria reflect on the Abbotts and Newmans coming together, fittingly, at Katherine’s home. Not far away, Jill muses to Devon that she misses the old woman every day. Devon’s thrilled to be there and is counting the minutes until the bride and groom arrive.
Jack, Victoria wedding Y&R

In her hotel suite, Abby realizes Chance is using reverse psychology to get her to change her mind. He asks, “Well, is it working?”

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At the Chancellor mansion, Nick fills Nikki in on Phyllis’ decision not to attend. Nikki thinks it’s probably for the best as she tends to make occasions about herself. Across the room, Nina and Jill, and separately, Victoria and Devon, whisper about the bride and groom being MIA. Devon quietly texts Mariah for an update. When Mariah arrives and realizes they’re still not there, she expresses her worry to Ashley. Jack asks, “Is there going to be a wedding today or not?” Mariah stammers that the bride-to-be is having a very normal case of cold feet. Jill’s eyes widen as she likens taking the plunge to zip-lining. Ashley interjects that Chance is with Abby and they just need to give them the extra time they need. Victoria and Nick snicker about some of their past wedding disasters. Nick recalls it’s nerve-wracking to propose and flashes to his first time popping the question to Sharon. Victoria recalls the love that kept coming back to her — Billy.
Mariah, Ashley explain Y&R

In her suite, Abby points out it’s supposed to be bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding, but she’s glad Chance is there. She admits she freaked out, but says this time is different because of him. Abby can’t not marry him. Chance reminds her she has to get dressed — they’re late.

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Upstairs at the Chancellor Estate, Abby apologizes to Mariah and Ashley for putting them through this. Ash wonders what Chance said to reassure her. Abby only had to look into his eyes; they said everything. Downstairs, Chance updates Victor that Abby just needed to be reminded she deserves to be happy. Nearby, Nina and Victoria recall their old rivalry and bury the hatchet. Victoria wonders who could blame them for falling for men like Cole and Ryan. Talk turns to the delay. Nina feels the only thing that matters is that Abby’s there now. The look on Chance’s face when he talks about her tells her all she needs to know.

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In the bedroom, Abby shares a close moment with her mom, who has shown her the kind of woman she wants to be. They tear up and Ash suggests she wear Dina’s bracelet as her something old and a blue ribbon tied around Dina’s letters as her something borrowed and something blue to fasten on her bouquet. Next, Abby spends time with Nina, who gifts her with a new locket to hold a photo of her and Chance, and maybe her grandchildren one day. Nina recalls finding love with Ryan after Phillip was presumed dead — he adored Chance and made them a family. Nina’s grateful Chance found the woman he wants to spend his life with, and that woman is Abby. Victor interrupts for a moment with Abby. He thinks she’s a force to be reckoned with and is marrying a good man. Victor wants her to have a love like he and Nikki share and flashes back.
Nina, Abby before wedding Y&R

Downstairs, the Abbott siblings reflect on how proud the day would have made John. They picture their parents together dancing and looking down on them. Nearby, Nina teases Chance when he asks if she has the ring. She gives him an engraved watch passed down through each generation from his grandfather. After, Chance tells Mariah that he and Abby are pleased that their marriage is bringing together three of Genoa City’s most illustrious families.

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Upstairs, Victor is replaced by Jack, who wants Abby to know he’s proud she put herself out there and embraced it when love came her way. Abby hopes there will be more Abbott weddings to come; they all deserve happiness. They hug.

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Downstairs, Mariah remarks on how appropriate it is for Devon to be performing the ceremony in his grandmother’s house. Jill and Devon recall that Neil and Drucilla were married there as well. Devon flashes to Hilary as they reflect on duos that are made for each other. In his seat, Nick texts Phyllis he wishes she were there. She replies she’s thinking of another way to make it up to him. He flashes back to being in bed with her and smiles. Nikki and Victor share a romantic moment and remark on limbs being added to the family tree. Traci begins singing Nadia’s Theme as Abby appears. Victor takes her arm and leads her up the aisle as Chance beams nervously. A montage of past weddings plays as Abby joins Chance and Devon at the altar to begin the ceremony.

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