Abby cold feet for wedding at hotel Y&R
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Chance meets with Nina at Crimson Lights. She still can’t believe he’s getting married and worries if he’s well enough to do it. He’s reassuring. Ronan couldn’t make it and Adam isn’t a possibility, so he asks her to be his best mom. She’d be honored but he’s not getting a bachelor party. They’ve both been waiting for this day.

Jack and Jill are nostalgic at Chancellor mansion Y&R

Jill arrives at the Chancellor estate and is thrilled to be back home, even to see Esther. After complimenting her on the decorations, she starts giving Esther orders. As Esther bustles off annoyed, Jill talks to Katherine’s portrait and says a Chancellor is marrying a Newman and an Abbott. Jack arrives and says it’s the union of a lot of history. She gets him to move flowers and then pays her condolences regarding Dina. As she paces around, she remembers meeting Phillip there and all the fights and romance that occurred in that room. He recalls his parents being teenagers with Katherine and he’s sure they are looking down and thrilled by this union. Jill always thinks of John at events like this. Jack has never seen her so nostalgic.

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Nikki and Victor talk wedding at Society Y&R

Victor and Nikki eat breakfast at Society. She’s surprised that he seems so happy about Abby marrying Chance. Victoria wanders in and hopes they can put their differences aside for the wedding. When her father brings up Billy, she walks off. Victor promises Nikki that he will behave himself.

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Nick picks Phyllis up for wedding at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Nick drops by the Grand Phoenix to pick up Phyllis, but she has to rush off to take care of an emergency. Eventually, she returns after finding hand towels for a guest. Nick suspects she’s looking for reasons not to go to the wedding. She’s not sure why he wants to inflict her on a bride who doesn’t like her. He doubts Chance and Abby would even notice her, but she insists she’s a lightning rod for trouble. Eventually, he agrees to go without her, and she promises him the best night of his life when he gets home.

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Abby has wedding nerves in the bathroom Y&R

Mariah arrives in Abby’s room to help her get ready for the ceremony. Abby is in the bathroom crying. Through the door, she tells Mariah she can’t go ahead with the wedding. Her friend says she’s just having nerves, but Abby has realized that all of her relationships end terribly, and she can’t do that to Chance. She flashes back through all her romantic failures. Her maid of honor says that the men were the problem, not her. She sends a panic text to Ashley, who soon arrives and tells her daughter that she’s just having natural jitters and doubts. Ashley reminds her that Chance is the man she’s been waiting for. Abby still feels like she’s too immature for this, but her mom insists she’s not the person she used to be. Ashley says that she’s a bridge between the best of the Abbott and Newman families.

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Chance and Nina arrive at the Chancellor estate. He gets a text from Mariah and runs off. While Esther takes Nina away to freshen up, Jill remembers how important Esther always was to keeping parties at the house running. Nikki and Victor arrive and join in the nostalgia. Ashley enters and talks to Victor about their ups and downs over the years. When she bumps into Traci, her sister wishes that Brad was there to enjoy the day. Ashley flashes back to when they came up with Abby’s name. Devon arrives and reminisces with everyone about Katherine. They admire him for getting ordained on the internet. Mariah calls to inform him the wedding may have hit a snag.

Chance arrives in Abby’s hotel room. Mariah files out and he tells Abby through the door that he loves what a mess she is. He can understand why she’s terrified. When he woke up, he panicked and thought about calling it off. He’s a shlub and she’s a fairytale princess. Weeping, Abby says he has it all backward. After he tells her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, she finally comes out.

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