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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley, Jack, and Billy admire a bouquet from Traci, who couldn’t be there. They recall Thanksgivings past with Mamie, John and Dina. Kyle arrives, after which the doorbell rings. Jack lets Summer in. She takes her pies to the kitchen and Kyle queries his father about inviting her. Jack teases he didn’t think his son would mind. After, Kyle and Summer agree they’re glad to see one another. Later, Kyle’s on a conference call and Billy needles Summer. Summer still hates him and suggests he go be a jerk elsewhere as Kyle reappears. Kyle apologizes and feels protective of Summer. When the group gathers, Jack makes a Happy Thanksgiving toast, then asks Billy to consult for Jabot while he’s away from Chance Comm. Sensing Jack just wants to keep him busy so he doesn’t drink and gamble, Billy leaves angrily. Summer thanks everyone and goes to make the rounds. Jack’s exasperated Kyle didn’t ask her to stay. Kyle dons his coat and leaves too; he’s finishing what Jack started. Once alone, Ashley reassures Jack where Billy’s concerned.
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In their suite, Phyllis and Nick are getting ready to head over to Crimson Lights. She wants credit for not making a big deal about spending the holiday with his ex-wife. Nick reminds her they’ve been getting along, and it’s better than spending the day at the ranch. Nick takes a call from Victor, who fills him in on the fact that he’s had Adam committed so he can get the help he needs.

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At Crimson Lights, Devon, Mariah, and Sharon discuss giving back to the community. Devon shares that in preparation for Abby and Chance’s wedding, he’s been ordained and is now Reverend Hamilton. On the patio, Amanda spots Elena rummaging for her keys. They wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving and Elena admits she’ll probably just go to bed. She heads upstairs and Devon appears to invite Amanda to come by his place later. Amanda says a friend needs a little cheering up, but agrees to stop by for coffee afterward. Inside, Faith chats with Mariah. Nikki and Victor arrive and Victor confers with Nick and Sharon, who agrees with the Mustache that they made the right decision where Adam’s concerned. Phyllis pitches in to help Sharon and remarks that she’s glad to see Faith is doing well after that unfortunate incident with the hangover; Nick let her know it won’t be tolerated. Sharon mutters, “That’s Nick.” Phyllis asks Sharon where to find rags and a bucket. Sharon snaps, “Figure it out.” Later, Phyllis tries to warn Nick she may have messed up but Sharon cuts her off to confront him about having to find out about Faith’s drinking from Phyllis. Nick didn’t want to put any more stress on her. Sharon fumes and Faith overhears and asks, “Dad! How could you?” After, Faith tries to explain how hard it was being bullied and promises it won’t happen again. Nick remind her he never promised to keep it a secret, especially from her mom. Faith apologizes again and wants to forget it, but Sharon vows they’ll discuss it more at home.  On the patio, Victor worries about Adam. Nikki soothes that he’s done all he can for him, and wants Victor to focus on their blessings and Abby’s wedding. Victor says she’s pretty and he loves her. She loves him too.
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At Elena’s apartment, she buzzes Amanda in. Amanda has a bottle of wine and guesses Elena was hoping she was someone else. She suggests they order takeout and have a few drinks. Elena’s grateful, as she was wondering how she was going to get through the holiday. Over wine, Amanda wonders if Elena was hoping Nate would come by. Elena finds it awkward to talk about. Amanda assures her there really wasn’t a connection between them, but he’ll be a fabulous partner for one lucky lady. Elena admits things with Nate have become clearer, which complicates things as she doesn’t want to hurt Devon. Amanda thinks he’ll be fine. As they chat, Lola comes in with leftovers. Elena looks emotional. She screwed up royally this year and is lucky to be surrounded with kind and generous people. Amanda says she’s one of those people, too. Lola mentions Devon, then apologizes. Elena has to make her peace with it; she’ll never be what Hilary was to him. Amanda asks what she wants to be to Nate. Elena muses that the more she thinks about it, the more she likes the idea of being with Nate. Later, Elena texts him, “Happy Thanksgiving. Hope to see you at the clinic soon.”
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In Devon’s penthouse, Lily calls someone and pleads with them to come to dinner. Devon gets home and tells Lily that Amanda may stop in for coffee. Lily admits that she invited someone, too. The only person he’d have an issue with is Nate. Lily argues that he’s still family as the doorbell rings. Nate comes in but senses the frostiness from Devon and decides he should go. Lily appeals to them both to make it work… just for today. They sit, and Nate makes a crack about stirring the gravy one-handed. Devon mentions Elena returning to the clinic, which Nate acknowledges, after which an awkward silence follows. After dinner, Lily leaves them alone with the clean-up. Devon asks if Nate can load the dishwasher. He quips, “With one hand behind my back.” Later, Devon puts on jazz and Nate compliments his cognac. They suppose Lily wants them to make up. Nate’s glad they took the first step.
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At Grand Phoenix, Kyle meets Summer in a suite. He gave her his key and she used it — what does it mean? Summer replies, “You tell me.” They go over the mistakes they’ve made. He wants to hash things out, but she doesn’t want to talk. In the lobby, Phyllis sits alone at the bar.
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At Society, Billy complains to Lily about Jack believing he’s a danger to himself and everyone around him. Lily assures him that’s not true and says she’s exactly where she needs to be right now.
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