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At Society, Mariah chats with Devon, who talks about Nate’s hand. He figures no one is to blame for any of it; it’s just life. Devon gets a message and reveals he’s just become ordained.

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In their suite, Chance marvels at how easily the wedding is coming together but Abby’s still scrambling to find a dress. Sally comes to the door and introduces herself. She’s there on Lauren’s behalf to solve the dress problem. Abby finds one she loves and Sally reveals it was the one Lauren predicted she’d choose. Sally suggests some changes and Abby’s excited to work with her. Chance thinks Sally will go far. Abby gets a text from Devon, “I’ve been vested with power from the state of Wisconsin.” In the lobby, Billy marvels that his gun was found dismantled and dumped on Adam’s property in a dumpster. He answers questions but doesn’t know how to dismantle a gun. Rey explains it matches the bullet removed from Chance. Billy acts cool, but calls Victoria the instant Rey exits — his gun was in the closet at her house. They wonder if whoever broke in took it.
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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria abruptly disconnects from Billy when Victor appears. She fills him in on the gun news and the break in. She wonders if Adam’s setting up Billy. Victor thinks it’s nonsense, and believes Billy’s guilty. They bicker until Victor announces he had Adam committed. Later, Rey enters to question Victoria about Billy’s gun. She tells him about the break in, but admits she didn’t report it. Rey asks if Billy confronted Adam about the break in. Victoria defends Billy, who hears her as he arrives. Rey goes, and Billy thanks her. Victoria learns he’s temporarily stepped down at work. He wonders if Adam is happily manipulating this from behind-the-scenes. Victoria shares, “He’s not.” Billy wonders if Victor’s protecting Adam from being investigated, but guesses Victor thinks he’s the guilty one. He vows to prove his innocence by getting in the head of whoever’s framing him.
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At the mental hospital, Adam’s younger self advises him not to fight getting help, but Adam sneers he doesn’t need to be cured; everything he did he was driven to do. Young Adam feels deep down the adult him knows he needs this help — it’s the way out; to finally get rid of the monster. Victor arrives and Adam scoffs at him to drop the show of fatherly concern, but Victor insists it’s genuine. Adam rants about his dad using Sharon. Victor went to her for help because he was desperate. Adam demands to be released. Victor urges him to calm down. He had nothing to do with the papers Victoria asked him to sign and wants Adam to be healed. Adam hollers about him controlling his life and locking him up. Young Adam pipes up, “Don’t blame him.” Adam starts arguing with Young Adam and yelling, “Shut up!” Victor exits and listens to Adam rage through the door. Later, Adam awakens, restrained, and Victor, emotional, soothes that he won’t abandon him. After Victor leaves, Adam hallucinates Chelsea telling him to come home.
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Abby arrives at Society, where Mariah and Devon talk about him being ordained. Abby’s thrilled; everything’s coming together. Mariah fills them in on her new job at Jabot. Abby warns the Abbotts in the boardroom can get pretty intense. Mariah’s excited to make money again after her stint as a stay-at-home girlfriend. Talk turns back to the wedding. Abby goes over almost losing Chance and says, “You have no idea what that’s like,” before realizing Devon does. She apologizes. Devon lightens the mood and Abby reveals they want to have three kids. Later, Victor sits at the bar alone nursing a drink.

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At Crimson Lights, Chance finds Rey perusing evidence photos on his phone. Rey marvels at him getting married so soon. Chance doesn’t want to waste any time. They go over the evidence against Billy, which is too neat a package. Rey shares Victoria’s theory that Adam set him up. Chance thinks Adam’s a smart guy and that would be dumb. Rey reveals Adam’s father had him committed. Chance muses he’s been unhinged for a while — hiring someone to shoot him to set up Billy may not be out of the realm of possibility. Later, Rey calls Paul. He’s not counting Adam out of it, but he sensed a part of Victoria thought Billy could have done this. Inside, Sally catches up with her sister Coco, by phone, then pretends she’s being called away before disconnecting and looking forlorn.

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At Grand Phoenix, Billy assures Victoria he always lands on his feet. In their suite, Abby and Chance are amazed that Devon’s ordained and the dress will be ready in time. They kiss, realizing all systems are go where their upcoming wedding is concerned.

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