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Chelsea walks into Crimson Lights demanding answers from Sharon regarding Adam’s whereabouts. She learns he’s in a mental hospital and accuses Sharon of being unable to be objective and doing this because she’s jealous. Sharon reminds her she’s marrying Rey. Chelsea sneers she’s always wanted to keep Adam on a string and wonders if Rey’s figured out yet that she’ll never let Adam go. Sharon points out Adam kidnapped her and plotted against his family… he’s a danger to himself and others. Chelsea argues he just needed to leave and start over. She calls Sharon a pathetic woman and vows to do whatever it takes to get him out of there. Sharon informs her she can’t. Chelsea fumes — Sharon will regret this!
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At the facility, a doctor talks to Adam about why he’s there. He feels his father is punishing him and demands to be released immediately. The doctor questions why he’d want to punish him. Adam thinks he’s one of Victor’s hired hands and won’t talk to him.

Sally joins Kyle at Society, who knows she spoke to Jack about Jabot Collective because she wanted to run the division. He alludes to Lauren having someone else in mind and Sally learns it’s Summer. Sally muses that Kyle will miss her and mentions their engagement. Kyle senses she’s fishing for something to use for her advantage and advises her to forget about JCV. Later, Theo joins Sally, who complains he went MIA — she found out Summer got the JCV gig from Kyle. Sally needs something to take her down. Theo won’t help unless there’s something major in it for him. He reveals the Abbotts are about to find out about his lawsuit and he needs to know their plan. Sally will look into it.
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At Jabot, Summer flashes back to dreaming with Kyle about being partners in the company. She texts Jack and Kyle that she needs to see them both.

At Grand Phoenix, Rey’s glad to see Chance, (played temporarily by Justin Gaston), is up and around. He reveals that the DNA from the earbud found at the scene matches the DNA from the earbud in Billy’s briefcase. Chance says they don’t know the DNA is Billy’s and warns it’s not a case. Rey counters if it is, it will go a long way to getting Chance and Adam justice.
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At the Abbott mansion, Billy exchanges flirty texts with Lily after calling out for Jack. When Jack appears, Billy relays he’s a suspect in Chance’s shooting because Adam was the intended target. He didn’t do it, but Amanda’s come on as his lawyer. Jack’s supportive. Billy shares that he and Lily agreed he should step away from the company — but it’s a blessing in disguise in one way. He’s not ready to share yet and doesn’t want to jinx it. Once alone, Billy calls for an update on the case and muses, “Rey did that?”
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Jack and Kyle join Summer at Jabot, where she confirms she’s leaving to head up JCV. Jack lets her know she always has a place there, but suspects once she spreads her wings there will be no looking back. After Jack exits, Kyle takes Summer by surprise by saying he plans to ask Mariah to replace her. He wishes her all the best. Summer takes a last look back as she leaves. Later, Kyle and Jack are served. They marvel that Theo’s suing them for Dina’s estate and learn Ashley, Traci, and Abby have been served as well. Jack’s disappointed and will call the lawyers. Kyle fumes that he tried to warn Jack not to trust him. Sally listens in as Kyle rants they should have kept Theo on the outside where he belonged. When Sally enters, she tells Jack that Theo’s been trying to convince her to spy on the family; something about a lawsuit. Jack thanks her for telling him; he won’t forget it.
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Rey arrives at Chance Comm, where Lily relays that Billy’s taken a leave of absence and there’s no doubt in her mind he’s innocent. Rey reminds her of his history with Adam. Lily insists he’s not obsessed with Adam anymore, but Rey’s unconvinced. She suggests Rey focus on who really did this — there’s a wannabe killer out there. Later, Billy appears and tells Lily that Rey’s running his DNA. She feels the truth will come out eventually and relays that Rey came looking for him. She told him he was 100% wrong about him. Billy thinks there’s an upside to not seeing her at the office, he can see her outside the office without the lines being blurred. Lily grins as he teases about the kissing. He wants to spend more of their free time together… like a date, maybe even multiple dates. Lily agrees; they’re really going to do this.
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Mariah arrives at Crimson Lights and tells Sharon that Abby offered Society for her wedding reception. Sharon doesn’t react enthusiastically and muses about second-guessing herself. Mariah asks if this is about Rey. Sharon says marrying Rey is one thing she’s sure about. After, Kyle enters and updates Mariah on Theo’s lawsuit then realizes she knew. Mariah relays he was hurt, but concedes it doesn’t look good for him. Kyle tells her about Summer’s new position then offers her Summer’s job at Jabot. Mariah’s floored and is definitely interested.
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In a suite at the Grand Phoenix, Chelsea tells Victor she wants Adam released. He says it’s not going to happen. They’ve enabled him and have to get to the root cause of what’s bothering him. Chelsea thinks he wants to break him. Victor denies it. Chelsea hisses, “You won’t get away with this.” She asks where he is but Victor won’t tell her and walks out. Downstairs, Rey runs into Billy in the lobby and informs him they found the gun from the shooting in a dumpster; it’s registered to him.

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At Society, Kyle confronts Theo about his lawsuit. Theo wonders why he’s so against sharing the wealth — hasn’t he been handed enough already. Kyle hisses that he was handed a job at Jabot and they get into it until Summer appears. Theo leaves and Kyle fills her in on the lawsuit. She warns Kyle not to let Theo provoke him. “You’re a million times the man he is.”

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