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At the Chancellor Estate, Chloe’s exhausted and hates fighting with Chelsea, who went to see Adam and told him she needed more time. They bicker as Chloe reminds her that Adam kidnapped and drugged her and hollers, “You don’t see the real Adam at all!” She informs Chelsea if she reconciles with Adam their friendship is over. Chelsea’s flummoxed and announces that regardless what she decides about Adam she’s leaving Genoa City for good. She makes a reservation at the hotel and Chloe protests. She reminds her she’s still a suspect in the shooting thanks to Adam. Chelsea will do what’s right for her family, if the price is their friendship, then so be it. Chloe and Chelsea debate again until Chelsea finally leaves with Chloe urging her to be careful, if not for her, then for Connor.

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At the penthouse, Adam thinks Victor’s presumptuous suggesting he get professional help. Victor’s not suggesting, he’s insisting. Adam’s leaving town with Chelsea. Victor warns he’ll take his issues with him. Adam snarks if he’s lucky, maybe one day he’ll get a card from the Wilson family with no return address. Victor feels he needs to make peace with the past and it takes more than walking away, it takes extensive therapy. He’s found a place with excellent medical staff. Adam repeats he’s leaving. Victor intones it’s no longer his decision and produces a court document. Adam reads and realizes he’s having him committed. Victor says, “We are.” Adam reads again, then asks, “What the hell did you do to get Sharon to go along with this?”
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon informs Rey that Victor convinced her to sign a document having Adam committed. She flashes to Victor telling her he was plotting to kill him and perhaps the entire family. Sharon relays to Rey that this will also protect Adam from the shooter. She’s certain that Adam will never forgive her and decides she has to go see him. Rey tries unsuccessfully to stop her.

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In her apartment, Elena dreams of Devon kissing her awake and asking her to come home and saying he still loves her, then being back in the penthouse with him after making love. Suddenly, Devon turns into Nate and she pushes away and runs. Next, she swerves to a romantic dinner with Devon and sharing a kiss, but Devon disappears when Nate appears and says, “It’s time to be honest with yourself.” Elena awakens and looks agonized. Lola enters and Elena reveals she dreamt that Devon took her back, but Nate appeared repeatedly until Devon disappeared. Lola wonders if her subconscious is trying to tell her what happened with Nate was more than just a mistake and deep down she finds him pretty amazing. Elena can’t look at that because it would ruin her chances with Devon. Lola warns she could end up losing them both and be full of regrets. Elena heads out and Lola picks up her phone and looks thoughtful.
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At Adam’s place, Victor insists Sharon signed of her own free will — they all care about him. Adam decides to go find her but there’s a cop outside his door. Victor’s protecting him from doing something he couldn’t live with, and will never give up on him or let go. Suddenly, Sharon arrives. She talks to Adam alone and confirms that she willingly signed the court order after Victor told her what’s going on with him. Adam admits things got out of control but nothing happened. Sharon reminds him he asked for her help. If she’s wrong about this, they’ll release him, but she doesn’t think she’s wrong. Outside, Rey shows up wanting Sharon out of there but Victor reassures him and he goes. Inside, Adam reminds Sharon he helped her after she set the ranch fire and didn’t lock her up. She argues he needs to get better for his family. Adam appeals to her to fix this. “Save me.” Sharon can’t; he knows that. Adam hollers that they’re throwing him out like a piece of trash. Victor failed as a father and he’s the one who suffers! Victor re-enters. Adam makes a run for it but is tackled by the cop.
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Devon enters Society and spots Nate. He sits and Nate reveals he may not be able to operate again — an apology isn’t going to make this go away. Devon replies, “You got that right.” Nate concedes what he did was wrong, then begins, “But to tell you the truth, Devon…” before sighing, “Nevermind.” Devon clarifies that for Nate it was just one night, but for him it’s the rest of his life. Nate is about to say more, but Devon cuts him off and leaves. Suddenly, Nate gets a text.
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Rey drops in on Lola to complain about Adam and worries he’ll see Sharon drawing a line in the sand as the ultimate betrayal. He needs to ensure nothing he does affects Sharon.

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Nate joins Elena at Crimson Lights. She reveals she and Lola were talking about him earlier and guesses she told him where to find her. Nate confirms it. Elena’s confused about every aspect of her life. She doesn’t want to give him the wrong impression; she doesn’t know where this is going, or where she wants this to go, but she thinks she should find out. “If you were to ask me out I wouldn’t say no.” Inside, Sharon is glad Rey didn’t enter Adam’s apartment and add to his humiliation. It was awful but she doesn’t regret her decision.
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Chelsea enters Adam’s penthouse, calls out for him, then texts him that she’s ready to talk things through.

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Adam lies sedated in the mental facility. He awakens then tries the door and calls, “Hello?”

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