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At Crimson Lights, Paul updates Rey that they found an earbud at the crime scene that the shooter may have been wearing. He remarks that Chance is Nina’s son and he took a bullet meant for Victor’s son; that makes it personal for him. Later, Lily asks Amanda about her dinner with Devon. Amanda wants to know about her romantic life first. Lily isn’t ready for anything big or complicated after Cane. She doesn’t know what’s going on with Billy, but any romance will have to be on her terms and drama-free. Amanda gets it and is impressed by her approach. She explains her dinner with Devon was simple; two friends enjoying each other’s company. Lily thinks it sounds perfect.
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Abby fusses over Chance in their hotel suite and they enthuse about wedding planning. They speak to Jill over video chat and ask her if they can get married at the Chancellor mansion. Jill loves the idea and will call her decorator. They wonder how fast the decorator can work; they’re getting married next week. Jill supposes if God made the world in 7 days she can make them a wedding. Later, Abby tells Chance how she feels about their love as he sleeps. He’s the love of her life.

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At Society, Nikki realizes Victor can’t get his mind off of Adam. Victor huffs about Victoria calling his bluff; no one likes an ultimatum. Nikki reminds him Adam wanted to do away with the family — or him — and Victoria wanted to show he was lying. Victor thinks they need to acknowledge as a family that they all contributed to him becoming this way. Nikki warns that tack will push away his other children. He needs to be out of their lives. Victor plans to see that he gets the help he needs. Later, Abby meets Ashley to reveal she’s getting married next week. Ash is completely on board and gets choked up — she’s so proud of her.
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At Chance Comm, Rey, with Paul, questions Billy about going to the hospital right after Chance was shot — it’s hard to believe his intentions were good. Billy admits he wanted to find out what went down for a follow-up article on Adam. Rey suspects he may have had a vested interest in finding out what Chance heard or saw. Billy informs them he’s not their guy. Paul produces a warrant to search the office. Billy sneers that Paul is smarter than this, but the chief argues he ticks more boxes than anyone. Rey discovers an earbud missing its twin. Later, Billy tells Amanda and Lily that the police were there — he wants Amanda as his lawyer. Lily thinks he needs a criminal lawyer. Billy realizes she’s wondering if he did it and can’t blame her, but vows he’s innocent. Lily believes him. Amanda accepts the challenge of defending Billy. Lily suggests Billy step away from the company for now. Amanda leaves them to hash it out. Billy tells Lily she’s right, but he’ll miss the office perks… seeing her, being in the same room with her, arguing with her — which he finds hot in some way — and wondering when and where she’ll kiss him again. Billy walks out leaving Lily slack-jawed.
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Victor approaches Sharon at Crimson Lights and tells her Adam needs her help — she’s the only one he can talk to.
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At the penthouse, Adam tells Chelsea he wants their family back together again and apologizes profusely. Chelsea questions him trying to kill his family. Adam says Victor was the only target and admits he was having disturbing thoughts — the article pushed him over the edge. Chelsea argues he was already there after learning the truth about Kansas. Adam won’t let it happen again. Chelsea complains about taking a back seat to his revenge and can’t trust him. Adam needs her help to get there. Chelsea still loves him but worries he’ll hurt someone again… what if it’s Connor? Adam would never hurt him and tries to convince Chelsea to forgive him and leave town together. Adam’s phone rings — it’s Sharon. Chelsea barks, “Seriously?!” Adam ignores the call and insists Chelsea’s the woman he loves. Chelsea needs time and walks out. Later, Victor shows up and informs Adam he needs professional help. “Don’t make this any harder than it already is.”
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Chance surprises Abby with lunch in the suite, but she brought takeout. With all the food, it’s a shame she’s not already eating for two. Chance muses, “Soon. Very soon.”

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At the Chancellor mansion, Chelsea texts Connor and tells him she and his dad are working on coming for a visit.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Rey that Victor was there to make a request regarding Adam, and she agreed.

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