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At Society, Rey meets with Victoria and Nick to go over the security at Newman Towers. They are surprised to learn they weren’t told about Adam having the building’s schematics. Victor enters and Nick asks how he could keep this from them. Victor knew how they would react and sought answers himself. The sweeps turned up no sign of a threat. Nick wishes Victor would open his eyes and Victoria feels it surely must be the tipping point. “If you’re not willing to let go of Adam, maybe it’s time this family let go of you.” Victor leans in and asks, “What did you just say?” After, Rey questions the Newmans on their whereabouts during the shooting. They were at the office, and Victor barks unless he wants to accuse them of hiring a hitman, it’s the last he wants to hear about it. Rey walks off and Victor confronts his kids about wanting to cut him out of his own family. He wishes them luck. Victor accuses Victoria of wanting to hold onto power and warns Nick to think twice before joining her. He exits, and Victoria reiterates they have to think about cutting ties.
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At the penthouse, Adam phones Chelsea to plead with her to come over and hear him out. She needs to think about it.

At the Chancellor Estate, Chelsea flashes through good times and bad with Adam and sighs. Chloe catches her leaving and guesses she’s going to see Adam. She reminds her of her own arguments for staying away and they bicker until Chelsea questions if Chloe pulled the trigger in the shooting. Chloe hollers; does she really want to go down that road for her son’s sake? Kevin appears as Chelsea slams out and Chloe relays they fought about Adam as usual. Kevin reassures her.

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At Grand Phoenix, Phyllis fills Amanda in on Victoria’s complaint she created a couples’ retreat without her permission. Can she terminate her employment? Amanda calms Phyllis and assures her she’ll help her off the record by looking over her contract. Talk turns to Phyllis’ spat with Nick. Amanda reminds her they’re crazy in love. Phyllis replies, “Yeah. Like all the other times we crashed and burned.” They discuss the misunderstanding about Faith. Phyllis isn’t sure how she’ll react when she sees him next. Amanda warns not to go off on him; she can’t just tell Nick he’s wrong about her, she’ll have to prove it. Amanda takes a call from Devon, and Phyllis zeroes in on them having drinks at his penthouse before dinner — sounds like more than friends. Amanda rushes off.
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At the hospital, Abby surprises Chance with a video chat with Nina and Jill. They’re relieved to see his handsome face and ask how he’s feeling. Nina worries he looks pale and Jill snarks that the man was shot so looks pretty good considering. Chance breaks the news that he and Abby are getting married. They’re thrilled and enthusiastically give their blessings. After, Abby gives Chance some of Lola’s food and he asks about wedding plans. She has a theme — elegant simplicity — and wants to wed at the Chancellor mansion. Chance thinks it’s perfect and reveals he’s being released tomorrow. They’ll get married next week.
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Adam answers his door expecting Chelsea but it’s Victoria with documents for him to sign away his rights to all things Newman… unless it’s a ruse he wants to cut ties. Adam wants to hear from Victor first. Victoria accuses him of dodging and wonders about his plan. She knows he had the Newman Towers blueprints when their meeting was scheduled. Adam denies knowing anyone but Victor was meeting him and tears up her documents. Victoria wishes the bullet had found its intended target.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick starts a text to Phyllis but stops and thinks about her.

At the hotel, Phyllis stares at her phone and thinks about Nick.

At Devon’s place, he and Amanda share cheers over margaritas. She’s flummoxed that he got a reservation at the exclusive French restaurant. They make small talk about their days then laugh at the awkwardness. Devon suggests they forget the fancy place and Amanda’s relieved to just kick back. They joke while ordering Chinese takeout, then settle in to get to know each other better. She asks for the Devon story. Devon notes it seems like a first-date thing to do, but Amanda doesn’t care. Devon fills her in on his childhood, being taken in by the Winters, and finding out about his connection to Tucker McCall and Katherine Chancellor.
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Victoria meets Victor at Crimson Lights. He wonders if she’s come to her senses. She shows him the documents she asked Adam to sign, which he ripped up, proving she’s right about him. Victor questions if she’s being honest, then decides it means nothing. He insists Adam is in dire emotional straits and is crying out for help.

At Society, Chelsea calls Adam — she’s not ready to see him yet.

Phyllis finds Nick in the suite and he apologizes for being too hard on her; he was just stressed out about Faith drinking. Phyllis is sorry she didn’t tell him right away and got defensive. Nick gives her a red rose.
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Next on The Young and the Restless Victor turns to Sharon for help.

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