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At the park, Phyllis finds Faith in bad shape. Faith says she made a stupid mistake and won’t do it again. She thanks Phyllis for keeping quiet about last time. Nick appears and asks, “What last time?” Phyllis relays she came upon Faith before after a rough night with a bottle of vodka. Nick goes ballistic. “What were you thinking?” Phyllis goes, and Faith tells Nick she knew it was wrong. He argues it wasn’t enough to stop her from doing it again. He’s so upset he has to sit down, then lectures on the dangers of drinking. Nick demands to know why this happened. Faith’s tired of being the one who doesn’t fit in and of getting bullied. “You have no idea what it’s been like being me.” Nick feels she has too much going for her to be pressured this way. He reminds her Nikki’s an alcoholic and of Cassie’s death, then vows he’ll be there for her no matter what. Faith angles to keep it from Sharon. Nick won’t make any promises.
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At Jabot, Sally thanks Jack for letting her pick his brain about Jabot Collective. He admits he left the day-to-day running to Kyle’s team, and thinks it will do well under Fenmore’s with the right leadership. Sally replies, “My thoughts exactly.” She shares her ideas and Jack’s impressed. Sally relays she’d like to run the company. Jack doesn’t see it… not now. She asks why. Jack reveals Lauren’s chosen someone he’s close to, and Sally fishes to find out who it is. Jack assures her a job may open up for her at the collective and urges her not to give up. Sally exits smiling, then looks displeased.
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At Society, Lauren tells Summer she has an offer for her — and it’s a game-changer. She talks up Summer knowing Jabot Collective better than anyone and asks what she thinks it needs to succeed. Summer believes it needs a new president who is eager to leave their mark, then asks, “You’re not asking what I think you’re asking, are you?” Lauren nods. Summer’s jaw drops. She learns Jack’s in the loop and marvels that it’s a dream. Kyle listens from the doorway. Summer asks Lauren for time. Later, Kyle asks Lauren why she chose Summer. Noting she doesn’t need to run her decisions by him, she points out Summer’s amazing. Kyle isn’t keen to lose a key member of his team. Lauren explains Summer didn’t jump at the offer.
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At Crimson Lights, Theo realizes the pen he inherited doesn’t work and grumbles, “Are you kidding me?” Mariah admires it so he says, “It’s yours.” After, he opens up to Mariah about the disappointment of Dina’s will, then invites her to have at him. She surprises him by sympathizing. Theo will go after their money, but Mariah thinks he wants them to see his pain. Later, Nick arrives with Faith and asks to leave her in Mariah’s capable hands while he takes care of something. In a moment alone, Faith texts Jordan she needs to cool it for a while. Jordan assures her they’ll be way more careful next time.
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At Grand Phoenix, Phyllis has a delivery of fliers for the upcoming event but Victoria didn’t approve it and rips one up. They argue as Victoria complains about her ignoring her calls and Phyllis questions having to run every decision by her. Victoria threatens to terminate her employment if she pulls another stunt and confirms she’s sticking it to her. Phyllis goes to her suite and leaves Amanda a message asking for advice. Nick enters and confronts her about keeping Faith’s drinking from her. Phyllis hollers that she tried to tell him — she’s not the enemy here! Nick can’t believe she’s this irresponsible. Phyllis insists it was just timing but Nick thinks some of her more unsavory habits are making a comeback. Phyllis feels the Newmans want to change everyone. She yells, “I’m sorry for not living up to the great Nick Newman!” and slams out.
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At Jabot, Jack congratulates Summer, but she questions if he wants her out of Jabot. Jack doesn’t want to keep her from her full potential. Summer wonders if he agreed because it would make Kyle’s life easier. Jack vows he wouldn’t do that, and hopes she and Kyle work through things. Later, Kyle arrives and Summer tells him about the job offer; it’s her dream job. Kyle reveals he knows — Jabot Collective would be lucky to have her. Summer’s uncertain. Kyle feels she deserves to have her dreams come true. She officially resigns. Kyle congratulates her.
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Sally joins Theo at Society and wants to revisit pooling their resources. Theo needs more information for his lawyer and thinks Sally can get him what he needs. After the lawsuit’s filed, he’ll need to know how the Abbotts plan to fight it. In return, Sally wants Theo to find out who is the new head of Jabot Collective, so she can take her out of the running for good.
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