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In the hospital, Chance flashes to the shooting in his sleep. Abby enters and can’t wait to take him straight from the hospital to the altar. They express their love. After, Adam arrives and asks Chance why he would take a bullet for him. They establish he’s returned the favor from Vegas, and Chance warns of Adam’s self-destructive tendencies. Adam insists what happened to Chance was a wake-up call and he plans to make things right with Chelsea. Chance advises him to leave her alone; he’s toxic and can’t decide if he loves her or Sharon. He jumped in front of the bullet on instinct and all debts are paid. Adam walks out shaking his head. Later, Victor arrives, having been summoned by Chance. They discuss Adam needing help before Chance relays his intention to marry Abby. Victor figures he’s asking for his permission. Chance wants his blessing. Victor talks about missing Katherine, who would be thrilled to learn her grandson was marrying his daughter; in that spirit, he’ll give his blessing. “Welcome to the family.”

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon admits to Rey that she went to see Adam. Rey reminds her she promised to stay away from him. Sharon isn’t sure he can be objective when it comes to Adam. Rey knows she can’t be — when he tells her not to spend time with Adam it’s to keep her from getting hurt. He reveals Adam locked Chelsea up in some room, which is why Chance followed him. Sharon points out he didn’t destroy her and vows he won’t destroy them.
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At Chance Comm, Lily and Billy bring Amanda up to speed on Adam being the shooter’s target. The women are relieved Billy didn’t print anything about Adam being responsible. Billy’s still convinced Adam was behind the shooting but Lily argues the bullet was meant for Adam. Billy guarantees Adam’s up to something, but Lily reminds him they need more than his instinct to go on. Amanda agrees. After, the women discuss Billy’s obsession with Adam. Lily stands by his original story, but feels going to the hospital was crossing a line. Amanda muses that Billy listens to Lily. Lily talks about how happy she’s been at work. Amanda wonders if Lily’s happy because of her job or her partner. They share a laugh over shutting him down earlier, then Lily rushes off. Amanda calls after her — she can’t dodge her question forever!
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At the Chancellor mansion, Chelsea argues with Chloe about whether or not Adam kidnapped her. Chloe worries, “Do you want to get back with him?” and pleads with her not to do it. Later, Rey confronts Chelsea about electing not to go into protective custody and visiting with Adam. She’s no longer convinced he was responsible for kidnapping her. Rey can’t understand her thinking and asks who Adam suspects shot at him. Chelsea replies, “The person who hates Adam most. Billy Abbott.”
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Rey searches the area where the shooting took place and something seems to occur to him.

At Society, Billy needles Adam that the wrong guy took the bullet. Adam taunts Billy that he’s still living rent-free in his head. He warns there will be a steep price for the shooter to pay. Billy counters, “Unless they try again and succeed.” As Adam leaves later, he spots Chelsea and tells her he had a run-in with Billy. She warns him not to retaliate and refuses to go see Connor with him — she may never forgive him. Adam has to believe she will. Inside, Chelsea asks Billy if he tried to kill Adam. Billy’s insulted and sneers at the idea she’d get back with Adam. Chelsea’s all about Connor, who needs his dad. Rey arrives in time to hear Billy say Chelsea should be pissed whoever pulled the trigger missed. Rey muses about how close Billy’s office is to the crime scene. Billy despises Adam but he didn’t pull the trigger.
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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley’s thrilled to learn Abby’s engaged. Abby thought it was all going to be taken from her when Chance was shot. Ash feels it will be a long-lasting relationship and agrees to help plan the wedding. Abby says it will take place as soon as possible. Ashley produces some of Dina’s keepsakes to incorporate into the wedding.
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At Crimson Lights, Lily and Sharon discuss how devastating the article on Adam was for Faith. Lily promises nothing like that will happen again. Sharon believes there’s a good man inside Adam but won’t spend any more time trying to fix him.

At home, Adam calls out to his younger self but there’s no response. “I guess it’s just me now,” he reflects.

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Chelsea returns to the Chancellor Estate to find Chloe has posted up her designs and is advocating for a future without Adam. Chelsea isn’t sure she can abandon him. Chloe delivers an ultimatum — she can start a new business with her best friend or go back to the chaos of Adam. Chelsea admits she’s still in love with him.
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Lily returns to Chance Comm, where Amanda asks her again about her relationship with Billy, noting evasion is an answer in itself. Lily insists nothing’s going on, they’ve just known each other for a while. Billy arrives, agitated, and announces he needs a lawyer, and not for Chance Comm… for himself.

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