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At the Chancellor mansion, Chelsea brandishes a brass candlestick as Adam swears he won’t hurt her. She fumes about the kidnapping and rants about his thugs drugging her because she saw his plans for Newman Tower. Adam feels ashamed. She can’t believe he could do that to her without blinking an eye. An officer knocks to take her to protective custody. Chelsea gets rid of the cop as Adam listens. After, Adam pleads his case — without her he’s lost. Chelsea figures he’s already tried this with Sharon. Adam admits she came to him but he promised not to bother her anymore. He wants them to find their way back together, but Chelsea’s flabbergasted he thinks this is fixable. She doesn’t trust the anger and rage has just disappeared. Adam wants one more chance and her forgiveness. Chelsea’s too shell-shocked and suggests he focus on who tried to kill him. He thinks he knows but doesn’t have proof — Billy Abbott.
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At the hospital, Elena informs Abby that Chance has a staph infection and must remain isolated. When Nate comes along, Elena asks if he’s still planning to leave town. Nate lost the use of his hand, his cousin, and can’t have her; why should he stick around?

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At Grand Phoenix, Devon welcomes Amanda back and asks about her trip to find out more about Rose Turner. Amanda sighs; it’s a lot to unpack. She has no closure yet, just more questions. Amanda reveals that the neighbor knew she was Hilary’s sister right away and recalled the day Rose brought Hilary home. She’s convinced Rose chose not to raise her and is scared to death of what she might find out, but wants the truth more than ever. Devon reassures her as she explains the P.I. is still questioning people. Devon asks her to dinner. She accepts for the following night and they agree it will be upbeat.
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At Crimson Lights, Summer spots Theo and asks what he and Sally Spectra are up to. Theo tells her, “None of your damn business.” He senses she feels threatened by Sally, who might catch Kyle’s eye. Summer insists her concern is professional. Theo explains Sally’s just trying to get back in the game. On the patio, Mariah gets Abby talking about her wedding to distract her from worrying about Chance. Abby asks her to be her Maid of Honor. Mariah’s mystified. Abby explains she’s been a good friend recently. Mariah accepts. Devon appears, asks about Chance, and congratulates Abby on her engagement. Mariah suggests Devon officiate so they could pull the Winters family into the wedding too. Abby would love it.
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At Society, Lauren runs down what Sally will be doing. Sally mentions her buying Jabot Collective. Lauren confirms it and wonders, “Why do you ask?” Sally replies, “Because I’m the perfect person to run it.” Lauren muses that would be quite a promotion. Sally talks up her experience and says she’d love to have Lauren as a mentor. Lauren asks if she had this in mind from the get-go. Sally comes clean and Lauren is reminded of her friend, Sally’s aunt. Unfortunately, Lauren has someone else in mind for the job, but will keep their identity to herself.
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At Jabot, Jack wants to run the Jabot Collective deal by Kyle before closing it but Kyle’s distracted. Jack urges him to open up. Kyle complains Summer doesn’t trust him. He insists he doesn’t still love Lola. Jack believes him and advises if it’s real love he’ll do whatever it takes to save it. Summer enters and Jack goes. Kyle asks, “Are we ever going to get past this?” As they bicker he declares his love. He’s 100% ready to fight for her but it means nothing if she doesn’t feel the same way. Summer still loves him too but the next step will take time. He’ll be there when she’s ready. He exits and runs into Sally, who’s been looking for him.
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In Elena and Lola’s apartment, Elena tells Nate he shouldn’t leave town. She assures him things will get better and Devon will find a way to forgive him. Nate counters, “That’s if I find a way to forgive him.” He thinks it would be easier and asks why this is so important to her. She blurts, “I don’t want to lose you.” She warns she hasn’t given up on Devon, but he’s right, there’s something between them and there has been for months. “I can’t deny it. I do have feelings for you. And it’s scaring me to death.” Nate would like to go back to the way things were and won’t push for anything else right now. They agree to work together at the clinic again.

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At Society, Lauren tells Jack she was thinking of someone from Jabot to run the collective and needs his permission. Jack asks who it is. Later, Theo meets with lawyer Brittany Hodges Guttierez about formally contesting Dina’s will.
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At the hospital, Elena updates Abby that Chance has improved and she can see him soon. Abby sneaks in and tells her sleeping fiancé he’ll be fine. She wants him to come back to her. Chance awakens and declares the sooner he’s married to her the better.

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