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At the hospital, Abby tells Chance the police are questioning Adam. She hopes he’ll tell the police what happened. Chance says he needs to talk to Rey right now. When Rey arrives, Chance informs him that the shooter couldn’t have been Adam, who was in fact the target. “I took the bullet for him.” Later, Chance tells Abby the same story. Abby considers him and Adam even and wants him to focus on their family now.

At Society, Victoria tells Nick that Abby wants them to break the most recent news to Dad. Victor appears and Victoria informs him Adam’s the suspect in Chance’s shooting. Victor intends to get the facts and walks out. Nick grumbles that he’ll always rush to Adam’s defense. He hopes Chelsea testifies against Adam and puts him away. Switching gears, Victoria tells Nick that Phyllis isn’t getting back to her about their collaboration. He’ll talk to her.
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At home, Adam texts his contact to get rid of anything from Newman Towers that can be traced to him, then argues with his younger self, who wants him to stop hurting people. Adam wishes he’d listened to him before. After ensuring he’s covered his tracks, Adam realizes Chelsea will never trust him again.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon lets Mariah know that Faith wasn’t feeling well and took the day off school. She’s not sure what’s going on with her. Talk turns to the shooting. Sharon’s mystified by the idea that Adam shot Chance.

At the park, Phyllis spots Faith holding her head and asks if she’s okay. Faith got woozy on route to the coffee house, but she’s okay now. Jordan approaches but bolts when she spies Phyllis. After Phyllis goes, Faith warns Jordan that Phyllis knew she wasn’t feeling well. Jordan chuckles that she’s a lightweight as they talk about drinking. Phyllis reappears and Jordan makes her escape. Phyllis confronts Faith about being hungover. Faith admits she and Jordan hung out the night before and had one drink. She was stressed out after seeing Adam, and had never drank before. “Please don’t tell my dad.” Phyllis has to tell Nick who’s a stickler for honesty. Faith begs Phyllis not to ruin her friendship with her dad.
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At the coffee house, Paul and Rey discuss finding the shooter. Victor enters and finds out Adam was the shooter’s intended victim. Rey goes and Paul assures Victor he wants the shooter off the street as much as he does. He warns that the Newman family could be in danger and tells him Chelsea’s concerns about Adam’s plan for retaliation. Victor sighs and they agree their security teams will sweep Newman Towers.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Rey updates Chelsea that Adam didn’t shoot Chance and offers her protective custody. He asks where she went after escaping the room and what time it was. Outraged, she realizes he’s asking if she was the shooter. Rey confirms the target was Adam. Chelsea’s flabbergasted and wants a lawyer.
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Faith arrives at the coffee house and Sharon’s pleased she’s feeling better. She advises it’s okay to take a mental health day if needed. Faith snaps at her to get off her back, then apologizes.

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At the hotel, Phyllis is about to tell Nick about Faith but he interrupts to say Adam shot Chance. He’s concerned about explaining it to Faith and urges Phyllis to please return Victoria’s messages. Phyllis reminds him she doesn’t work for her… or him. Nick leaves, perturbed, before she can say anything about Faith.
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Rey arrives at Adam’s penthouse, where he’s expecting an apology. Rey snarks that won’t happen and they get into it over whether Chelsea tried to shoot him.

At Crimson Lights, Rey informs Sharon that Adam was the shooter’s target. After he leaves, she takes off. Nick arrives and tells Faith he was with Phyllis. She looks concerned. He ignores a call from Phyllis to give Faith his undivided attention.

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At Society, Victor updates Victoria that Adam didn’t shoot Chance, but whoever did was aiming for him. She’s sorry, but isn’t surprised. Victor then reveals their intervention plan was too little, too late. Victoria feels he’s a lost cause and Victor should accept that.

Adam cautiously answers a knock on his door — it’s Sharon. She wonders if he knows who tried to shoot him and worries he’ll go after him, but Adam has no idea. She warns Rey’s in danger so he’d better be telling the truth. Adam apologizes for turning to her for help; he regrets so much. He confesses he almost went to a place he couldn’t come back from, but didn’t go through with it. Sharon believes they should keep their distance moving forward. Adam seems choked up and assures her she doesn’t have to worry about him anymore — he knows what he needs to do.
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At the Chancellor mansion, Chelsea texts Rey to go into protective custody. He responds he’ll send someone to pick her up. Later, she’s startled by Adam.

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At the hospital, Abby screams for help as Chance rolls his eyes and passes out.

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