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At the coffee house, Victoria and Abby discuss Adam and Abby shares her engagement news. Victoria gushes about the historic wedding between the Newman and Chancellor families. Abby reveals they decided to start a family together even before he proposed.

On Adam’s property, he sits up and spots Chance unconscious on the ground nearby. He gasps, “What the hell happened?” then realizes Chance is bleeding. Adam dons gloves and grabs Chance’s phone to call for help. He then gets a text that Victor has left Newman Towers, hears sirens, tells Chance he’s sorry, and leaves.
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Over drinks at Society, Sally learns Theo’s considering going after his late grandmother’s estate. She’s stunned to learn he’s related to Dina Mergeron and the Abbotts and questions his entitlement to the full estate. Theo sees it as payback for all the years his father missed. Sally muses if she told the Abbotts, his plan would be blown sky high. Theo senses Sally has her own plan and isn’t a person who will be content getting Lauren’s coffee. Sally has her eye on a much bigger prize. Summer enters, spots them together, and leaves. Sally tells Theo she came to Genoa City hoping to run Jabot Collective but it folded. Theo reveals it actually went to Fenmore’s and thinks they can help each other achieve their goals. Sally muses that tying herself to him may be a risk she doesn’t want to take. Theo won’t give up.
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At the park, Sharon and Rey discuss Adam upsetting Faith. Rey predicts one of Adam’s enemies will turn on him. Sharon wants to focus on her daughter. Rey gets a call, tells Sharon that Chance has been shot and runs off.

In Phyllis’ suite, Nick updates her on the planned intervention for Adam, for which he didn’t show up, and the confrontation between Adam and Faith. He wants to dismantle him piece-by-piece. Phyllis is impressed by Faith standing up for herself — she’ll turn out to be a strong woman. Nick finds it ironic she’s complimenting a strong Newman woman. Phyllis presumes he’s referring to Victoria and admits things have been better, though she’s concerned about letting her guard down. Nick feels Phyllis is off her radar; she’s focused on getting rid of Adam, like him. Phyllis offers to calm Nick down in bed. They start undressing.
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In Grand Phoenix’s lobby, Chloe tells Kevin she’s still worried about Chelsea. Lauren and Michael arrive for their night out. Chloe asks about Fenmore’s and reveals she’s going to have a new line that she thinks would be a great fit. Lauren will have her new assistant, Sally Spectra, watch for the portfolio. Chloe muses Sally’s known as a troublemaker. Lauren points out the same could be said of her and Kevin. As Michael and Kevin banter about Miles’ amazing future, Lauren notices Chloe’s distracted. Chloe tells them about Chelsea going radio silent — something’s wrong.
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At Adam’s property, Rey assures a semi-conscious Chance they’ll get him to the hospital. Chance gasps, “Adam…”

At Crimson Lights, Abby gets a phone call and says she’s on her way. She tells Victoria that Chance has been shot. Victoria will drive her to the hospital.
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In their suite after sex, Nick gets a call from Victoria and will meet her at the hospital. He tells Phyllis, “It’s Chance.”
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In the hotel lobby, Paul arrives and pulls Michael aside to tell him Chance was shot. He only said one word to Rey — Adam. Michael’s not surprised and will meet Paul outside. On his way out, Paul gets a call from Rey and tells him, “You know what to do.” Meanwhile, Michael updates the others and heads out. Chloe wonders if Chance was shot for checking with Adam about Chelsea. Lauren hangs back to call Nina, Philip, and Jill and spots Sally arriving with Theo. Sally walks over to her and says Genoa City is feeling like home already.
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At home, Adam bags up Chelsea’s purse and opens his laptop to delete the Newman blueprint. He texts his associate that the plan is aborted and to lay low, there’s a lot of heat coming.

At Jabot, Summer tells Kyle she saw Sally cozying up to Theo at Society. He asks if she’s jealous. Summer scoffs and says she’s suspicious of Sally — why would a designer take a job as an assistant? “She’s up to something.” Kyle’s unconvinced and still thinks Summer might be threatened by another strong, devious young woman in Genoa City. Summer’s offended. They bicker over whether or not she’s devious and Summer walks out.
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At the hospital, Abby paces as Chance is in surgery. Victoria assures her Chance will fight. She needs to pick up the kids and Abby urges her to go. Once alone, Abby sees Rey and asks, “Who shot Chance?” Rey promises to get to the bottom of this and get justice for Chance.

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In Phyllis’ suite, Nick disconnects from Ashley and talks about Abby not wanting anyone at the hospital. He reveals to Phyllis that Abby and Chance got engaged today.

Adam’s on his phone trying to get information about Chance when Rey arrives at his door to question him about the shooting.
Rey, Adam questions Y&R

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe’s stunned to see a disheveled and distraught Chelsea appear.

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