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At the park, Abby takes a call from Chance who’s concerned about Chelsea and believes Adam may know more than he’s saying. She rounds the corner and he’s sitting on the bench surrounded by balloons and flowers. He makes a speech about them being in love, then, on bended knee, he proposes. Chance doesn’t just want children with Abby, he wants everything. Abby asks him to stand up so she can tell him what’s in her heart. She talks about their future and being equal partners in every way. “My answer is yes!” They beam at each other and express their love. Abby says her meeting at Newman can wait so she can show him how much.
Abby proposal Y&R

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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki questions Victor about his family meeting. Victor recaps that it’s his last attempt to reach out to Adam — even Victoria agrees it’s the right thing. In the office, Victoria and Nick go over the documents she’ll ask Adam to sign to give up his rights to the company and Newman money. Nikki and Victor enter and Nick prompts her to tell them what she’s working on. Victoria lies that it’s a speech. Nick takes a call from Sharon about Faith and leaves. While Victor calls Abby, Nikki questions Vikki about supporting the bid for peace. She shrugs that she’s willing to hear what Adam has to say and judge accordingly.

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At the penthouse, Adam gets a text, “Eyes on Newman Tower. Victor’s returned.” Adam asks the person to keep him updated, then gets on the laptop to check on a bomb that’s been planted. He uses his phone to arm it. Next, he sits and runs through recent conversations including Chelsea pleading with him not to go through with his plans. He gets back on the laptop, then gets a text that she’s escaped and takes off.

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Lily checks in on Devon at his place. He grumbles but doesn’t want her to stop coming. They discuss the possibility of partnering Chance Comm’s streaming with LP. Devon’s impressed but suspects Lily’s trying to divert his focus from his break-up. Lily reminds him she’s always a straight-shooter. She asks him to meet with Amanda regarding the new partnership and he smirks — is she trying to set him up? Lily asks, “Would that be so wrong?” He explains he and Amanda are friends, which led to Elena doing what she did. Lily reminds him they don’t mention Elena’s name anymore. The topic of Billy comes up and Lily blushes. Devon teases she has a thing for bad boys. She laughs that it’s complicated. He says his relationship with Amanda is also complicated for now.
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At the hospital, a doctor urges Nate not to get discouraged about his hand; he’ll refer him to a great physical therapist. Elena overhears and tries to reassure Nate about the ongoing numbness. Nate’s not feeling optimistic and hopes he’ll be able to see patients again one day.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon updates Nick on Faith letting Adam have it. He learns Adam blamed Victoria for the article and hoped Faith would forgive him one day. Sharon feels awful, like she betrayed Faith by bringing Adam into their lives. Nick reassures her, but warns she can’t save Adam; he doesn’t have a soul to save. Sharon learns the Newmans are meeting Adam at Newman and hopes they won’t attack him.
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On the coffee house patio, Elena sits with Nate as he tries to wrap his head around the implications of his hand not working and wants to grieve in peace. She invites him to blame her, but he says there’s only one person responsible. Nate points out Elena lost her boyfriend, but he lost his livelihood and life goal. He believes Devon let all of this happen and should have seen it coming. Nate also thinks it could have been the start of something between them, but Elena argues it was only adrenaline. Nate feels he lost the use of his hand because she refused to acknowledge what’s in her heart. He’s decided to move on. “I’m leaving town; there’s nothing to keep me here.”
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In Abby and Chance’s suite, after sex, she admires her perfect ring and imagines telling all the people they love over champagne. Abby leaves for Newman and Chance takes a call from the officer watching Adam, then says he’s on his way.

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At the empty room Chelsea escaped from, Chance confronts Adam about who was in the there. Adam doesn’t like the interrogation and leaves. Chance follows. Outside, Chance continues grilling Adam, who says they’re on a property he owns and declares he’s done with all of them. Adam gets a text that Victor’s still at the location and hovers his thumb over the activate bomb button on his phone. Suddenly, Chance sees a gun barrel aimed at Adam, hollers, “Adam watch out!” and dives on him.

Abby takes off her ring before joining Nikki, Victor, and Victoria at Newman. Victor warns against showing animosity when Adam arrives. He thinks Adam needs serious psychotherapy, after which he should be welcomed into the family, and adds that Victoria supports his point of view. She glances away. Nick arrives and updates everyone on Faith chewing out Adam. He feels Victor’s the only person who believes Adam’s not a menace to the family. Victor turns to stare at Victoria, who urges him to give up on Adam. Victor warns, “No one tells me to give up on one of my children.”
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