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Billy joins Amanda and Lily at Chance Comm. He’s brought Lily’s favorite éclair from a distant shop. Amanda exits and Lily questions him going out of his way to get her a treat — people will notice and talk. Billy’s unconcerned and wonders if she regrets the kiss. Lily just wants to keep things professional. Billy agrees cheekily to not flirt. Lily walks out with her éclair and he watches her take a bite.
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Victor arrives at Newman Enterprises and the subject of Chelsea seeing Johnny arises. Victoria states it’s out of the question and adds, “Besides, Chelsea’s gone.” Victor’s concerned Adam is up to something and wants the family to meet, like an intervention, and reach out to him. Nick appears. “Please tell me you’re kidding,” he scoffs. Victor lobbies to keep Adam close so they know what he’s up to, and insists they need to help him. Nick doesn’t care what he needs and is surprised to hear Chelsea’s gone. Victor insists they work together to rein Adam in. Victoria decides he has a point — Adam tries to pit them against one another, so they need to present a united front. Victor leaves to find Adam. Nick asks Victoria what she’s doing. She’s setting a trap for their brother. Victoria will call his bluff about wanting to cut ties with the family by demanding he give up all claim to Newman and Victor’s inheritance. She’ll draw up a document and challenge him to sign it. Nick warns this will infuriate Victor and could backfire. Victoria won’t back down. Nick questions if it’s about calling Adam’s bluff or Victor’s. She replies, “Why not both?” After she arranges the documentation, Nick warns Victoria again about Victor. She says this time he’ll have to choose a side.
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At the penthouse, Chance follows Adam as he exits.

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In the dingy room where she’s being held, Chelsea comes to and thinks she hears Adam calling her name. She dreams of him holding up the key to the kingdom and laughing, “They said I was a monster. They were right!” She bolts up, then collapses again when she tries to get up. Awakening again, she imagines Billy’s there telling her that Adam snatching her has worked out well for him and Victoria. “It’s keeping you far away from Johnny.” Chelsea protests as Billy reminds her she’s a con artist who hooked up with a sociopath. Billy chuckles, “This is the end of the road for you, Chelsea.” Both her boys will be raised to despise her. Chelsea screams and the mirage disappears. She takes a metal slat from the bed frame and tries to jimmy the door open.
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At Society, Abby has a business proposal for Devon but first wants to know how he’s doing. He asks about her and Chance and she admits things couldn’t be better. She goes on about finding someone she can trust, then apologizes. Devon reassures her, so she continues that all they seem to talk about is having kids and a future. Devon’s pleased she found true love. Talk turns to Dina and Katherine, then Devon gets a text from Amanda. Abby nods knowingly. They discuss Abby wanting to institute a program to find employment for at-risk youth. Devon’s on board but is eager to get going. He tells Abby that in some ways being with Amanda is comforting and reminds him of the best days of his life.
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At Crimson Lights, Adam tells Sharon he hears congratulations are in order on her engagement and apologizes if he made her feel uncomfortable. He reports he’s had an epiphany. Sharon wants details. Adam intends to set himself free. Faith appears and freaks out. “Why don’t you just leave us alone?!” She rants at Adam about his wrongdoings as he tries to explain. Sharon orders Faith into the office, but she refuses and storms out. Sharon tells Adam that Faith’s been in turmoil since the article and chastises him for blaming it on Victoria. Rey enters and Sharon fills him in on Faith running off. Adam goes. Rey’s about to question Sharon when Chance comes in and takes him aside to say Chelsea’s missing. When asked about Adam, Sharon offers that he wanted to cut ties and start over with a clean slate. Later, she leaves Faith a voicemail to call her. Rey’s pleased she stuck up for herself, but Sharon’s concerned she was so upset.
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Billy, Lily, and Amanda reconvene at Chance Comm after a deal. Amanda takes in their mutual admiration and suggests they go celebrate. Once alone, Billy tells Lily she’s totally onto them.

At Grand Phoenix, Amanda updates Devon that she’s going to Evanston to connect with Nadine, Rose’s neighbor. He asks her to keep him in the loop and is happy to be distracted from Nate and Elena. Amanda points out as his sister-in-law she’s family. Devon is pleased they can count on each other and thinks Hilary would like it.
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At the park, Jordan meets Faith and apologizes for the bully who called her a loser. Faith shares she laid into her uncle at Crimson Lights and her heart’s still racing. Jordan has something that might help…
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At the penthouse, Adam takes a call from Victor wanting to meet at Newman Towers tonight. Adam agrees as Young Adam shakes his head in disgust.

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