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At the Abbott house, Kyle wants to know what Theo’s doing there. Theo’s there for the willing reading, just like him. Bickering ensues as Kyle explains he doesn’t need to be there, it’s a family affair. Theo thought they were all the same tribe now and recalls the memorial service, but offers to leave. Jack decides Theo stays. When Dina’s lawyer arrives, she explains Dina wanted Abby to read the will aloud. Abby reads that Dina wants to make one last toast by giving away her possessions. Traci is told she deserved a better mother and she, Ashley, and Jack will split the bulk of her estate excluding the exceptions below. Next, she addresses her grandchildren. Kyle gets her extensive art collection, Abby is bequeathed her apartment in Paris, and finally mentions Eric Vanderway. The lawyer explains Theo is entitled to whatever is in the letter. She passes on something Stuart Brooks left to her. Theo opens a box — it’s a fancy pen. Kyle smirks and Theo says, “Excellent.” Kyle thinks he’s putting on an act and needles that Dina didn’t recognize him. Traci explains to Theo that Dina met him after it was too late to change the will. Theo assures her it was never about the money. Meanwhile, Jack pulls Kyle aside to warn him. Kyle doesn’t trust Theo and believes he’s up to something. Later, Jack, Ash, and Traci discuss the animosity between Kyle and Theo, protecting their parents’ legacy and donating to worthy causes.
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At Crimson Lights, Sally wonders if Lauren has any job leads. Lauren knows of a position that’s available, but isn’t sure it’s what she’s looking for. Sally’s ready for anything. Lauren needs an executive assistant. Sally’s grateful for the opportunity and can start immediately. When Lauren steps away Sally seems deflated.
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Chloe lets Chance into the Chancellor estate and he reveals he didn’t see Chelsea yesterday and she didn’t respond to his messages. Chloe relays she didn’t come home last night and didn’t answer her messages either. She figures she went back to Adam.

At the penthouse, Adam opens a box containing Chelsea’s ID and phone. He uses it to text Chloe, Chance, Anita, and Victor that she needs some time away to sort through her new life without Adam.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Chloe and Chance get the texts, but Chloe complains it doesn’t track with the conversation they had yesterday and she never signs off as ‘C’… she knows Adam wrote it. Chance confides that she wanted to talk to him about Adam. Chloe asks him to look into this… she knows where he can start.

Chelsea awakens in a dingy room with a nightstand, lamp, and bed. She calls out and bangs on the locked door before realizing Adam’s behind this. She hollers his name in tearful frustration and tries to break out. She drinks water, seems lightheaded, and then passes out on the bed.
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In the penthouse, Young Adam protests as Adam puts Chelsea’s things away and complains he’s going too far — he can stop this before it gets out of hand. Chance arrives to question Adam about Chelsea’s disappearance. Adam hasn’t heard from her. Chance says her bags are still at the house and he intends to find out if something happened to her. Adam continues to play along. Chance notices his box. Adam claims he ordered new books. Chance warns he feels something’s off and calls Adam out for already knowing the information from the group text. He puts him on notice — if he had anything to do with Chelsea’s disappearance he’ll prosecute him to the full extent of the law.

In the park, Sally calls out to Summer and tells her she’s going to be Lauren’s assistant and asks to exchange contact information. Kyle happens along and Sally notices their tension. “Oh my God, is this another ex?” Summer makes introductions. Kyle’s heard of Sally, who reveals they’ll be working in the same building. After Sally leaves, Kyle accuses Summer of being jealous before updating her on Theo’s appearance at the will reading. Summer can’t help but feel sorry for him. Kyle questions if their issue wasn’t with his ex, but hers. Summer’s being human. Kyle calls Theo a leech. Summer marvels at his intensity and urges him to let it go.
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In Society, Sally updates her sister Coco on her new job, then joins Theo at the bar. He brings up his grandmother’s will reading where he was treated poorly and cut out of his inheritance. Sally wonders if he’s plotting. Theo knows of her exploits in L.A. They grin at each other. Elsewhere, Abby leaves Chance a voicemail that what happened at the will reading kind of crushed her.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Chloe tells the baby Auntie Chelsea can take care of herself and if she finds out someone caused her harm, she’ll take care of him.

At Jabot, Sally updates Jack on her job with Lauren and asks about the Jabot Collective. Jack relays they decided to focus on cosmetics. Sally seems disappointed.

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