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In the penthouse, Adam confronts Chelsea, who’s looking at his laptop. She says, “Please tell me this isn’t what it looks like.” Adam marvels at her jumping to the worst conclusion about him and thinking he’s a monster. She wants him to convince her she’s wrong and explain why there’s a blueprint for Newman tower with a big red X by the main office. Adam claims he’s thinking of renting office space. Chelsea’s not buying it and wonders if he’s planning on harming the building or the people in it. She warns him not to do something he can’t come back from and pleads with him to consider how it would affect Connor. Once alone, Adam phones someone about a change of plans. “I need you to take care of something for me. Right now.” After, Adam tells his younger self it’s too late to change course now and everything that happened since he was eleven years old led to this.
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At Crimson Lights, Rey and Mariah want Sharon to slow down, but she’s full of renewed energy. She’s also looking forward to planning the wedding.

At the party, Jordan urges Faith to join in outside and have some fun. Faith hangs back. A boy is heard asking Jordan why she’s wasting her time with that Newman loser.

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At Jabot, Sally tells Summer she’s looking for Lauren Fenmore’s office. Jack appears and introduces himself. Summer tells him this is Sally Spectra. “Do you know her?” Jack replies, “Only by reputation.” Sally grins. Jack clarifies she’s of Spectra Fashions in Los Angeles. Summer had heard of it of course and apologizes. Jack asks her to take Sally for coffee at Crimson Lights.

On the coffee house patio, Theo confronts Kyle about being bothered by him celebrating Dina as she wanted and points out the rest of the family had a blast. Kyle sniffs that it was inappropriate. Theo argues he’s the one who should be mad; his place in the family was made clear when the Abbotts left him out; Kyle has no place being outraged. Theo adds his connection with Dina meant something; he doesn’t need a tie pin. Kyle doubts his sincerity. Theo thinks his attitude is about Summer dumping him. Kyle warns he won’t rise to the bait. Outside the front door, Faith, back from the party wearing regular clothes, wipes off her lipstick and gets a text from Jordan wondering where she went. Inside, Sharon and Mariah are surprised Faith’s not at her sleepover. Faith would rather be there. When Sharon steps away, Mariah fishes to find out what happened. Faith asks to hear Mariah’s teen horror stories instead. Mariah admits she took risks she shouldn’t have and is lucky there weren’t worse consequences. Mariah knows Faith’s in a different environment but it can still feel lonely. Faith insists everything is fine. Rey arrives and they all discuss the wedding, except Faith, who gets another bullying text. Mariah senses something’s off with her.
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On the patio, Summer enters with Sally, who recognizes Theo. He says it’s been too long and asks what she’s been doing lately. They knew each other from the time Sally spent in New York with Thomas Forrester and bond over being outcasts. Theo offers to buy her dinner. After he walks away, Summer warns Sally he’s a lying, manipulative jerk. Sally surmises she’s an ex, and can handle him. Summer repeats he’s poison.
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At the Chancellor estate, Chelsea’s distracted as Chloe chatters. Chloe wonders if Adam’s threatening her for custody of Connor. Chelsea doesn’t want to discuss it. Once alone, Chelsea calls Chance to meet about Adam’s state of mind. After, Chloe, leaving for the park, learns Chance is coming to discuss a legal matter.

At the park, Chloe finds Kevin with Chance, who reveals he has no details about why Chelsea wanted to meet. Chloe asks him not to advocate for Adam; he’s toxic. After Chance leaves, Kevin realizes Chloe’s worried about Chelsea. Chloe has a really bad feeling.

Chelsea answers the door of the Chancellor mansion to a masked man (played by Melissa Egan’s husband) who grabs her. She drops the toy she was holding on the floor. Later, Chance arrives and rings the doorbell repeatedly, then calls Chelsea’s cellphone, leaving her a message to call back. When Chloe and Kevin get home, Chloe calls, “Chelsea?”
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At Jabot, Lauren enthusiastically greets Sally. They discuss her aunt before Lauren compliments her work and asks about her plans. Sally is looking for a new start and maybe a new job.
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At the penthouse, Adam opens a box with some sort of tank in it. He gets a text assuring him, “It’s taken care of.”

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