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At the Chancellor mansion, Chelsea answers the door because no one else is around – it’s Victor, who says she’s the person he wanted to see and alludes to her abandoning Adam. Chelsea defends her decision. She’s surprised about his name change but tells Victor he broke his son. Victor’s concerned and wants to know why she’s not with him if she cares. Chelsea complains he runs to Sharon and she’s not enough. She doesn’t think the Adam she knew and loved is coming back. Victor worries he’s up to something and will destroy himself. Chelsea will help but wants something in return — to see Johnny. Victor wants to see how far she gets with Adam and will consider it.
Victor visit Chelsea Y&R

At the penthouse, Adam talks on the phone and says he gave the address and will be paying in cash. Adam’s younger self (played by Dane West) appears on the stairs to tell him this is a really bad idea and he knows it. Younger self wants Adam to listen before it’s too late; Mom wouldn’t like this — it won’t make the pain go away. Adam’s heard enough. Younger self wants Adam to ask himself why this is so hard to hear. As Adam types on his laptop, younger self keeps it up, trying to convince him they’re not evil — he can turn this around and be the man Mom always wanted him to be. Adam wills his young conscience away. Soon, Chelsea arrives to get her things and confronts him about the name change; Victor’s concerned. Adam scoffs at Victor sending her on a mission and suggests she leave her key; she could have busted in on him and Sharon. Chelsea informs him Sharon doesn’t want him and knows he’s broken. Chelsea chokes up about staying at the Chancellor estate, which is filled with the sound of a happy family — that was them once. Adam hollers she wanted him out of her life and it’s exactly what she got. Adam steps away for a call and Chelsea checks his laptop. She gasps, “Oh my God, Adam. What are you planning?!”
Adam younger self talk Y&R

At Society, Phyllis rants to Nick about Victoria giving her event attendees a cut-rate at the hotel — it’s petty. Nick says she’s right, so what will she do about it? Phyllis doesn’t know but won’t let him buy his sister out. Nick sends a text.

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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki questions Victoria using the hurting the hotel when they own part of it. Will Newman take a loss so she can get revenge? Victoria won’t discuss it and swerves to Adam changing his name. Nikki says Victor’s heartbroken. Vikki gets a breakfast invitation via text.
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At Crimson Lights, Jordan learns Faith’s still being bullied by a girl named Stacey in the group text and texts the person to stand up for her… since they’re practically sisters. Summer enters and is introduced to Faith’s new best friend, Jordan. Summer seems taken aback and remarks on Faith having older friends this year. Jordan gets a text about a party and leaves. Summer questions Faith about Jordan being two years her senior and is concerned about her crossing lines. Faith reassures her. After Summer leaves, Jordan texts, “Is she gone?” then invites Faith to the pool party.
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Victoria arrives at Society, where Nick asks her and Phyllis for an hour for him to help them figure out how to work together. Nobody is going anywhere until they work it out. The women bicker about Victoria’s latest move. Phyllis suggests Vikki tell her business gurus to bring their significant others and she’ll make money off of them. Victoria concedes it sounds feasible. Phyllis also suggests a party with drinks and a DJ. Vikki wants an exclusive private band. Phyllis will call Devon. After, Victoria and Phyllis establish they’re on the same team, but Phyllis warns Victoria to stay in her lane. Victoria warns her to keep her people happy and she will. “Please don’t disappoint me.”
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Back at Newman, Nikki marvels at Victoria working with Phyllis. Victoria muses about the possibilities of moving forward together. Victor arrives and updates the women on his chat with Chelsea. He loves him, but he’s up to something. Victor knows he’s planning something big and hopes to use Chelsea to find out what that is.

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At Jabot, Summer asks Kyle how he’s doing. Kyle wants to focus on work and questions Summer about some missing numbers. Summer can’t do this because their relationship’s up in the air. Kyle feels it’s dead and buried and leaves. Later, a redhead knocks; she’s looking for help. Summer asks, “You are?” Surprised, the redhead replies, “Sally. Sally Spectra,” (played by Courtney Hope).
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On the coffee house patio, Faith meets Jordan wearing a low-cut, tight dress and high-heeled boots. They talk about the hot guy and Jordan asks if she’s ready for the time of her life. Faith replies, “You bet,” but looks uncertain.
Faith low cut dress Y&R

At the hotel, Phyllis tells Nick he’s brilliant and alludes to him rising to the challenge. She wants to go upstairs and thank him.

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