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At the Abbott manse, Ashley and Traci tell an emotional Jack it’s time to go to the church. He reflects on how many times he’s said goodbye to Dina… this is the last time. He asks the sisters to go ahead; he needs a little more time. After, as Jack’s leaving, Theo arrives, wary about going to the church because of Kyle. Jack states Kyle needs to respect he’s part of the family. Theo feels the respect is missing. Jack thinks he’ll come around, but Theo doesn’t. He promises no outbursts today. Jack teases if anyone would like drama at their memorial, it would be Dina. Theo sees the Teardrop of Love stone and alludes to the pieces made from the necklace. Jack never meant to exclude him and wishes he’d been there with them the night she died.
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At Crimson Lights, Lola is telling Kyle she lit a candle to honor Dina’s memory when Summer enters and snarks, “Of course the two of you are together.” Lola points out she lives upstairs and remarks on Summer walking away from Kyle because of her insecurities. Summer insists their situation isn’t to do with her. Lola reminds her to have consideration for what the Abbotts are going through and not make the day about her. Lola leaves, and Kyle wants to be sure he and Summer can co-exist at the church. Summer feels they can be civilized. Kyle recalls Dina loving Summer’s energy. Summer’s sure Dina lit up quite a few rooms in her life. They decide to drive together.

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At Society, Chance offers to call Paul and take a personal day to be with Abby at the church, but Abby points out he just started. They recap wanting the same things out of life. Abby holds up her Teardrop of Love bracelet which signifies the beginning of their journey together. After, Lola arrives. Abby knows Dina meant something to her too. Lola vows she’ll set aside her animosity with Summer at the reception to honor Dina.

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At the park, Ashley and Traci discuss Genoa City in the fall before talk turns to their parents. Traci and Ashley both feel they’re more like John. Traci reveals she’s outlined a book about what she learned from her mother. Ash laughs that it will be a short book. Traci turns tearful about time lost with Colleen, but says they learned about forgiveness through Dina. Ashley believes she loved them. They laugh about Dina and Katherine reuniting in heaven and skinny-dipping as Chance appears. Ashley takes a moment alone with Chance. She’s proud of Abby and happy he knows how lucky he is.
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After the service, the Abbotts gather at Society as Theo looks in from outside. Inside, Summer chats with Jack about Dina. She loves that she called him Jackie. Lola passes by as Summer tells Jack she’s afraid she and Kyle have blown their last chance. In the corner, Abby gushes with Ashley about her future with Chance. In the kitchen, Theo takes Lola by surprise; he likes to make an entrance. By the bar, Jack makes a speech about Dina, who was one of a kind. They all raise their glasses and wipe away tears. In the kitchen, Lola questions Theo crashing the Abbotts’ reception. Theo is part of the family but doesn’t know what these people expect. Lola feels he’s always playing a part — what would the real Theo do in this situation? Theo pushes through the doors and announces, “Good afternoon, Abbotts!” He points out Dina wanted her memorial to be a party and recalls a song Dina loved because she and John always danced to it at the Athletic Club. Theo dug up the old time tune and plays it. Jack hollers that it’s perfect! Summer and Kyle fume. Jack warns Kyle not to interfere. Ashley dances, Traci giggles, and Abby laughs that she can imagine Dina dancing with all the boys in Genoa City. Everyone is dancing and grinning as Lola enters with food, but Kyle stalks out.
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Summer catches up with Kyle in the park where he complains he doesn’t have a family anymore. She says that’s idiotic. Kyle concedes he may have over-reacted — he’s been under stress since his fiancée broke up with him. Talk turns to Theo. Summer guarantees the Abbotts see through him.

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At Society, everyone’s sitting and telling funny Dina stories as Chance arrives. Ashley explains they got off to a slow start but then DJ Theo hit the room. The hilarity continues as they tell yarns about Dina’s many men. They all raise a glass to remembering her for her many adventures. Lola smiles at Theo, whose expression changes as he turns away and downs a shot.

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