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At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe cares for Chelsea. After a hospital visit, Chelsea doesn’t have a concussion, the CAT scan came back normal, and she’s waiting on other test results, but she believes the headaches are from stress. Chloe won’t stop worrying until the test results are back and urges her to look ahead and focus on Connor. Chelsea opens up about wanting to reconnect with Johnny and being turned down. Chloe can understand Billy and Victoria being upset, but Chelsea complains about them having no sympathy. Chloe swerves to reviving the fashion line and asks Chelsea to move in. Kevin enters as Chloe’s convincing her. He tells Chelsea it made his year to hear she and Adam broke up and backs Chloe’s idea. Chelsea agrees to move in and states Adam pushed her too far this time — now he’s on his own.

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Adam arrives at Chance Comm and asks Billy for a truce. Billy wonders what brought this about. Adam’s tired of fighting and wants to put the bad blood in the past. Billy deduces Adam wants his forgiveness. They go over Chelsea leaving him and Billy suggests he leave town. Adam’s weighing his options but wants a ceasefire for now. He also cut his ties with the Newmans and petitioned to change his name back to Wilson. “Print that.”

Elena runs into Nate at Crimson Lights. He’s relieved she’s okay since she hasn’t been answering his calls. He’s sorry he made things more awkward between them; it was selfish of him to tell her how he feels when she’s still in love with Devon. Talk turns to Nate’s hand. He’s hoping for the green light to perform surgery soon. Later, Lily enters and Nate presumes she’s furious with him. She can’t understand why he’d do this to Devon. “In one night you shattered our family.” She’s glad her dad’s not there to see it. Nate understands if she hates him; he hates himself and is worried about Devon. She asks about his hand and knows what it’s like to make a horrendous mistake. Devon eventually forgave her so anything’s possible.
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At Grand Phoenix, Devon’s back from New York and tells Amanda she missed out on a good trip. He was enjoying his life and looking out only for himself — it’s the best way to go. Amanda sees it as numbing his pain and asks if she should be concerned. Devon reassures her. She thinks he’s more torn up than he’s letting on and offers to meet later to talk. The conversation turns to Rose, and Amanda reveals one of the neighbors got her head bit off for asking who Hilary’s father was. She’s not sure about pursuing it. Devon advises her to follow her own advice about facing up to the truth.

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Adam arrives at Society and Jack calls him over. Adam learns Dina passed away and asks how Jack’s doing. Jack recaps it’s been emotional. Talk turns to the article. Jack thinks what Billy did was brutal. Adam’s finally out of the darkness and is over his obsession with being a Newman and getting Victor’s attention. He recalls Jack spent decades warring with Victor. Jack reflects that he and Victor are a work in progress. Adam updates him on Chelsea leaving and explains he only wants to think about today. Jack wonders what today portends for Genoa City. Adam says everyone will know soon enough.
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Lily arrives at Chance Comm where Billy accuses her of avoiding him and wonders what Victoria said to her. Lily reveals they talked about his vendetta against Adam, but she trusts him as a partner. Billy asks her out to dinner and she accepts.

At dinner in Society, Billy updates Lily on Adam’s visit — there was something more intense about him. Lily’s cautiously optimistic he wants peace. Billy admires her ability to see the best in people. She points out they’re the king and queen of second chances and acknowledges his personal growth. Billy quips she’ll ruin his rep as a screw-up.

Nick finds Nate at the clinic and asks how bad the damage is to his hand. Nate sighs. It’s worse than he’d like to admit and scares the hell out of him. Nick won’t judge him and offers to talk if he needs, but questions him doing this to Devon over a one-night-stand. Nate regrets not having self-control and will accept the consequences and focus on recovery… without Elena.
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Devon visits Elena at Lola’s place and tells her she and Nate belong together and deserve each other. Elena calls him intentionally cruel and says if he’s trying to punish her, he’s achieved his goal. Devon’s trying to give her an out. Elena recaps falling in love with him; he gave her someone to fight for, to love, and it meant everything. Devon smirks, “So why’d you throw it all away then?” He’s not buying her doing what she did if she doesn’t have feelings for Nate. She chose that over them and he won’t forgive it. Elena cries after he walks out.
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In her suite, Amanda paces, then calls her P.I. to arrange to meet Rose’s neighbor, Nadine.

At home, Adam types on his laptop, glances at Chelsea and Connor’s photo, then puts it away before continuing.

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At Grand Phoenix, Billy and Lily are saying goodnight at the elevator when the subject of kissing arises. They step into the elevator. Lily says, “I’m not walking away now,” and moves in close to Billy as the doors close.

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