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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea notices Sharon’s chipper. She shares the good news about her cancer treatment. Chelsea’s genuinely happy for her, then blurts that she left Adam. “He’s all yours now.” Sharon’s concerned about Adam’s emotional state. Chelsea scoffs, “You’re the one he needs, Sharon. The one he always needs.” Chloe interrupts and takes Chelsea to the patio to discuss starting fresh by giving their partnership another chance. Chelsea’s out of inspiration. Chloe wonders if something else is going on. Chelsea insists she’s fine, stands up to leave, rubs her head, then passes out.
Sharon, Chelsea talk Y&R

At home, Adam types on a laptop then sends a text.

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At Grand Phoenix, Nick and Phyllis consider going back up to her room to play, but he suddenly gets a text from Adam. Phyllis warns against confronting him. After Nick leaves, Summer appears. Phyllis grills her about what’s wrong. They discuss Kyle’s romantic gesture. Phyllis asks how many hoops Summer needs him to jump through. Summer suspects he’s not over Lola. Phyllis has been there, and questions why it’s all or nothing. She advises Summer to let the game come to her. Talk turns to Phyllis’ issues and Summer urges her to let Nick buy out Victoria rather than her unique way of handling things herself. Up in their suite, Chance goes on to Abby about how lucky he is and fishes to find out if she’s pregnant yet. She has to go help plan a funeral and wishes him luck with his stop on route to the station.
Summer, Phyllis talk Y&R

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria gets a text from Adam wanting to meet urgently.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack greets Kyle, who’s arrived to help plan Dina’s memorial. The doorbell rings. Kyle opens the door to Theo and sighs. Jack apologizes for not reaching out in time to let Theo say goodbye to Dina in person as Traci and Ashley appear and echo the sentiment. Abby arrives. As they brainstorm and share memories, Theo’s silent. He steps out and Jack reminds Kyle they’re there for Dina. Theo rejoins the proceedings in time to hear about the Teardrop of Love. He realizes they all got a piece of it but him. Theo offers to have Chance Comm publish a tribute to Dina. Kyle scoffs, but Traci likes it. Jack feels the family bonding would be the best tribute. They set the memorial for Society, then discuss the will reading. Theo asks when the last change was made which irks Kyle. Theo didn’t ask for anything and points out he’s as much Dina’s grandson as Kyle. Kyle makes a crack about her not wanting Theo’s dad, as Jack intervenes. Later, Ashley’s excited Abby’s moving forward with making babies and Jack confronts Kyle about Theo. Kyle warns Theo will use the slight against them for the rest of his life.
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Chance arrives at Adam’s penthouse with good news — the inquiry’s completed and they’re off the hook. He senses Adam’s still obsessing over the article. Adam reveals Chelsea left and he’s refocusing. Chance is concerned; “What are you up to?”
Chance, Adam meet Y&R

Nick joins Victoria at Newman and they speculate if Adam’s ready to declare war. She feels there’s no need to tell Victor. Adam arrives and they assume he’s going to make threats. Adam’s giving them their freedom from him — no angle — he’s no longer a member of this family. Nick doesn’t believe he doesn’t want a ‘divorce settlement’. Adam’s cutting them all loose and asks that they let him do it in peace. After, Victoria asks Nick, “What the hell was that?” They debate his sincerity. Victoria wants to keep their guards up but isn’t worried. She’ll give back whatever Adam dishes out with interest.
Victoria, Nick, Adam meeting Y&R

At Society, Adam hands Victor a copy of his request for a court order to legally change his name from Adam Newman to Adam Wilson, severing his ties to him and the family. He’s washing away the past atrocities committed by Adam Newman. Victor warns he’s crossed a line in his own mind and it will be difficult to come back from that. Adam’s done with all of them. Later, Chance tells Abby he feels Adam’s clearly up to something and has a bad feeling.

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At Crimson Lights, Traci catches up with Theo and blames Kyle’s words on grief. Theo still felt like an outsider. Traci insists it’s unintentional. Theo’s accepted he’ll never belong in the family.

In the park, Summer tells Kyle she’s been thinking a lot about what he said, but he cuts her off. This isn’t working; she clearly doesn’t trust him and they’re better off apart.

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Victor joins Nick and Victoria at Newman to discuss Adam. They’re taken aback to hear he’s changing his name, but Victoria thinks it’s for the best that their father lets him go.

At home, Adam holds up a glass of scotch, then drinks.

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