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At Jabot, Summer daydreams that she and Kyle are celebrating their first wedding anniversary, and profits are soaring under ‘Mr. and Mrs. CEO’. Jack interrupts and Summer offers to resign. Jack’s sorry to see her giving up on her dreams, and invites her to Dina’s memorial service. He encourages her to stop talking about resignation; he cares about her. Jack is still hopeful about her and Kyle. Summer chokes up; it’s just really complicated. Jack coaches that facing fears can get you the life you want and deserve.

At Crimson Lights, Elena imagines Devon enters and is about to kiss her. Mariah’s appearance snaps her out of it. Elena asks Mariah’s advice getting someone to forgive a betrayal. They adjourn to Lola’s apartment where Mariah reels after getting the story of her and Nate. They’re in agreement that Devon can’t be blamed for asking her to move out. Elena knows she can see the situation from both sides. Mariah recalls cheating, but warns, “When I cheated on Tessa, it wasn’t with her cousin.” She’s not sure this can be fixed with an apology.
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In her suite, Abby pictures Chance in a cop uniform saying, “This is your fantasy.” She smiles to herself — detectives don’t wear uniforms. Chance emerges from the washroom and can’t be late for his meeting with Paul. Abby reflects on how well she slept in his arms; he makes her feel safe. She suggests a picnic lunch later but Chance could be on the job.
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At the penthouse, Amanda updates Devon on his scholarship endeavor before he circles back to her accompanying him to New York. She replies, “My answer is still no.” After a text from her P.I., Amanda reveals no one in Rose’s building remembers her being pregnant. One neighbor, Nadine, recalled Rose never seemed to know how to handle a baby — she had to teach her everything, but Rose adored Hilary. Amanda’s never had real love like that in her life. Devon knows your childhood doesn’t define you. She has people who care about her now; he’s one of them.

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At Society, Lola spots Kyle working and apologizes for her outburst, though she meant it; Summer’s been ridiculous lately. Kyle learns Summer confronted her a few days ago and accused her of getting what she wanted — meaning him. Lola urges him not to avoid Summer at the office. Outside, Summer peers in and sees Kyle. She imagines him and Lola undressing while smoldering at one another, then shakes her head.
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At the coffee house, Mariah warns Abby that Chance’s detective job may be all-consuming. Abby pictures spending her whole life waiting for Chance to come home, then leaves him a voicemail to meet later if possible. After, Chance meets with Paul, who officially offers him the detective position, but there’s a probation period due to what happened in Vegas. He starts now.
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In the park, Elena imagines Nate saying, “It wasn’t a mistake, you felt it too.” She spots him on a bench and runs away.

Abby chats with Lola at Society while ordering a picnic lunch and Lola feels Chance’s hours as a detective will be the least of her worries. Abby assumes she means the danger. She imagines Adam booby-trapping her party with explosives and chasing Chance with a dagger.

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At the clinic, Elena imagines Nate arriving and insisting they can be together. “You know what you want, all you have to do is admit it.” Elena snaps back and tells herself it’s not Nate she wants.

At Jabot, Jack updates Kyle that he turned down Summer’s offer of resignation. Kyle believes they can work together. Jack urges Kyle not to give up, but he’s frustrated; all she can see is something between him and Lola that doesn’t exist. “Why can’t she trust me?”
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Back at the coffee house, Elena runs into Amanda, who asks if she’s okay. Elena wonders why she cares. Amanda’s sorry if her revelation may have led to Elena turning to Nate. Elena can’t blame her, but she’ll fight for Devon and wants him back. Amanda doesn’t believe she has any idea what she wants. Inside, Mariah accuses Summer of only wanting Kyle when she can’t have him. Summer imagines everyone whispering about her being problematic, turns to leave, and sees Kyle. She’s confused and doesn’t know what to do about them. Kyle admits their history is weighing on him too; he’s not sure he can be rejected by her again.

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At the park, Abby is about to text Chance about the negatives of his job but deletes it as he arrives. Chance shows off his detective badge and talks about coming home to her at the end of his day.

Next on The Young and the Restless tension resurfaces between Kyle and Theo.

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