Victoria and Billy discuss security at ChanceComm Young and the Restless
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Adam stumbles down the stairs at the penthouse. He gets a call and tells someone that things have not gone according to plan.

Lily bumps into Kevin at Crimson Lights and congratulates him on the baby. He shows her pictures on his phone. They chat about Chelsea working with Chloe and the problems with Adam. When he heads to the counter for coffee, he sees Adam looking lousy and that makes his day. After smugly lecturing Adam, he takes his picture. The Newman walks out and Kevin drinks his espresso.

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At the Chancellor Communications office, Victoria and Billy discuss their kids. She gets a text from her home security company saying there has been an intrusion. She calls Hannah and orders her to get the kids out immediately. They run off, but soon return, learning it was a false alarm. She’s decided to beef up her security system anyway. Billy suggests that this must have been Adam sending them a message. He tells her about her brother searching his room. Billy wants to get a reporter on this, but she thinks he should leave it to the cops. Seeking revenge isn’t good for his mental health. Lily interrupts and Victoria takes off. As Lily and Billy banter, he asks her if she’s resisting coming over to kiss him. She starts laughing but admits she thought about it. They agree that resisting temptation is best for business. After he walks out, she uncrosses her legs and sighs.

Adam pleads with Chelsea in Chancellor Park Young and the Restless

Chelsea meets with Chloe at Chancellor Park. When Chloe brings up getting office space, Chelsea says that’s unlikely. No one is interested in investing in them because of Adam. Chloe thinks the Newman should lend them some money, but Chelsea says that’s out of the question. She explains that she left Adam. He’s been in a rage and drawn back into Sharon’s orbit. She’s worried about how Connor will handle this. Adam appears, eager to talk. Chelsea isn’t interested and walks off, leaving Adam and Chloe to bicker. She’s sure he’s always been rotten to the core and accuses him of causing all her trauma. He’s not impressed that she refuses to take any responsibility for her actions and thinks he’s simply evil. Chloe is determined to keep him away from Chelsea and wheels off with her baby.

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Gloria lectures Kevin at the Chancellor estate Young and the Restless

At the Chancellor mansion, Gloria prods Esther to show her some pictures. As the maid leaves her phone, Gloria nabs a flashdrive from a vase and snoops around. Esther returns and says she has to go to an audition for A Streetcar Named Desire. Gloria lets her know that she’s not Blanche DuBois. Esther says her daughter needs a peaceful life and warns she’ll throw Gloria out if she threatens that. Once left alone, Gloria makes a call and bickers on the line until Kevin startles her. He demands to know what mess she is in now. She’s claims to be involved in some Hollywood deal-making. After a few minutes of arguing, she throws up her hands and declares she’s going back to LA. Chloe arrives and Kevin fills her in about his mom. He’s worried that she’s in deep trouble again. When Gloria comes down with her luggage, she complains about her sons being paranoid. Kevin wishes her good luck and she exits, glaring at a box on the table. He tells Chloe that getting rid of his mom is what’s best for the kids.

Victoria goes to Crimson Lights and spots Chelsea. She brings up Johnny, but Victoria doesn’t want her using him as a substitute. Chelsea assures her that she has no plans to go after him. Victoria explains that someone broke into her house and wonders where Adam was when it happened. The other woman admits she doesn’t live with him anymore. Victoria hopes this means she won’t be sticking around Genoa City.

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Back in Chancellor Park, Adam makes a call, complaining to someone that they can’t even tail a cop without getting noticed. Billy shows up and tears into him over Johnny, accusing him of trying to break into Victoria’s house. Adam insists it had nothing to do with him. Chelsea watches in the distance as Adam tells Billy that this is all about Delia. When Adam says he’s already tried to make amends, Billy threatens him.

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