Elena confesses to cheating to Lola at Crimson Lights Young and the Restless
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Chelsea arrives at the penthouse but it is empty.

Lola runs into Elena sobbing at Crimson Lights. She claims she’s fine, but Lola thinks she needs a friend. After some prodding, Elena admits she’s a terrible person and explains how she ended up sleeping with Nate. She never thought of herself as a bad person until now. The chef encourages her to fight for Devon anyway. Elena can’t see winning that battle so her friend asks how she feels about Nate. The topic turns to how hard it was for Lola to move on from Kyle. She encourages her friend to concentrate on what she cares about so she can get past the hurt. For Elena, that’s going to mean quitting work at the clinic and finding a place to live. Lola immediately asks her to be her roommate. Meanwhile, Adam spots Rey walking in and snarkily says congratulations are in order. Rey says he’s waiting on an arrest warrant for him. The Newman warns him that things won’t work out with Sharon. They bicker about the case the cops are making against him and then about Adam’s history with Sharon. Chelsea arrives to hear the tail-end of this as Rey lectures Adam for gaslighting his fiancée. She’s appalled to hear him saying Sharon is his future.

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Devon opens up to Amanda at his penthouse Young and the Restless

At the penthouse, Devon asks Amanda to fly to New York to check out an artist. She passes. She may feel for him and what he’s going through but doesn’t need to stick it to Nate and Elena. He insists this is just a business trip. The lawyer can’t get past how bad it would look and partially blames herself for all this. She offers to listen to his problems.

Amanda listens to Devon at Society Young and the Restless

Devon and Amanda go to Society and she gets him to open up about Nate and Elena. He’s been questioning everything since he was betrayed. He assures her they did nothing wrong and vents about everything that’s happened. Devon will never be able to forgive them.

Devon takes Amanda back to her place. There is a letter waiting for her from the PI who investigated her past. She’s not sure she’s ready but opens it. Her PI interviewed Rose’s neighbor, who claimed that she was never seen pregnant. One day, a child just appeared.

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Sharon and Nick discuss Rey at her house Young and the Restless

Nick drops by Sharon’s to check on Faith. She says their daughter is busy in her room and wonders why he is worried. When he sits down, they talk about what a great kid Faith is, but she seems tired. He tells Sharon that he’s proud of the way she’s faced cancer. They chat about him being Rey’s best man. She thanks him for being so supportive. Later, Sharon comes downstairs and Rey surprises her with a ring. It’s exactly what she wanted. He’s eager to set a date and suggests Halloween but they decide on New Year’s Eve.

Nate tells Nick about cheating at clinic Young and the Restless

At the clinic, Nate talks to someone on the phone about his injured hand. Nick drops by and asks him about his injury. He assumes a woman must have been involved and guesses what happened. The doctor wishes he could take back what he did. Later, Elena drops by and announces she won’t be volunteering there anymore. Nate offers to leave the clinic, so she doesn’t have to. Elena worries that Devon might pull funding if she sticks around. She’s sure Devon will forgive him eventually since they are family.

Chelsea leaves Adam at penthouse Young and the Restless

Adam goes home and calls for Chelsea. She comes down with her bags packed. He says he wants them to move away with Connor. Chelsea points out that she just heard him talking about Sharon and wonders what changed his mind. He claims he only said those things to annoy Rey. She refuses to be a disposable place-filler. “I’m officially and forever done,” she declares, walking out.

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