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At Jabot, Summer accuses Kyle of still wanting Lola. She saw their texts and he ran straight to Lola upon arriving back in town — she imagines he told her he wants her back. Kyle comes to realize she was ‘stalking’ him and had someone watching him. He relays that Dina passed away and Lola was offering condolences. Summer grimaces; she’s so sorry. They rehash him texting Lola from the hotel. Kyle was trying to be decent; Summer’s blowing everything out of proportion.

At the Chancellor Estate, Michael whispers to Kevin, “I wonder if she needs money,” then pastes on a fake grin as Glo enters and remarks how wonderful it is that she’s visiting. Talk turns to her job in Los Angeles. Michael wants specifics. Gloria’s cagey, so Kevin grills her about whether she’s working for a big studio or a small boutique outfit. Glo senses she’s being interrogated and is irked she doesn’t get any credit for how well their lives have turned out. They appreciate her but have questions. Glo sniffs, “Keep it.”
Kevin grills Gloria Y&R

In the park, Jack and Lauren discuss the necklace’s journey. Lauren believes it doesn’t bring the person who possesses it happiness, but if you lose it, something happens. Jack realizes she thinks it’s cursed. Lauren admits it sounds far out. Jack phones Kyle to meet him at the house, then comes upon Chloe and Gloria with Miles. He teases Glo about abandoning Jabot and leaving him in the lurch. She boasts she has a job with a Hollywood producer, unless Jack has a more glamorous offer. He couldn’t compete. After, Chloe fishes about Gloria returning to Genoa City, and senses she’s not telling the whole story. Glo insists she has a glamorous life… but she’s lonely.

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At Jabot, Summer tells Kyle to go see his dad. “We’re done here.”

At the penthouse, Elena tells Devon how sad she got while packing. He asks if she could please just leave her keys on the table. Elena does so, then exits, pausing to look back briefly.

At Crimson Lights, Amanda tells Nate that Elena confirmed her suspicions about them. Nate betrayed his cousin in the worst way possible and invites Amanda to let him have it. Amanda asks about his hand. Nate replies, “Doctor says it’s too soon to tell,” and is more interested in beating himself up verbally. Amanda wishes him well and walks out. Later, Devon wanders in, mentions Nate’s hand, and shares he asked Elena to move out. Nate urges him not to let him wreck what they had. Devon counters she took care of that herself.

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At home, Devon assures Lily that he’s not going to let what’s happened destroy him. Lily worries; he’s suffered so many losses. She reminds him of the things Neil regretted after finding out about him and Hilary. Devon shrugs; it’s different — Elena and Nate just hooked up. He reminds her when Cane cheated it took time to get over. Later, Amanda checks in. Devon chirps that he’s fine. She doesn’t believe him. Devon asks her to accompany him on trip to New York to sign a new artist to LP.

Nate finds Elena at the clinic and opens up that he’s sorry about the pain he caused, but what happened between them was everything he wanted to happen; everything he still wants. Elena asks him to stop, but Nate’s never been more certain about anything and has wanted her for a long time. Elena protests.

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At the Abbott manse, Jack tells the family he and Lauren came up with an idea involving the Teardrop of Love. He had a jeweler separate the necklace into pieces for each family member to keep to remember Dina. Kyle looks downcast and updates his father privately on Summer spying on him and believing he’s still in love with Lola. Jack says his next move will be his choice and no one else’s, “But don’t underestimate the power of the gift your grandmother gave us.”
Jack honor Dina Y&R

At the Chancellor mansion, Michael assures Glo they’re happy to see her. Gloria admits it’s nice to hear, then goes to lie down. Chloe informs the brothers that they’re right; Gloria’s definitely in trouble and is hiding something.

At Crimson Lights, Jack tells Lauren about his dream of dancing with Dina the night she died. She told him she was with John, who wanted him to know he was proud of him and the whole family. He woke up feeling renewed. Lauren thinks he’s starting a new chapter. Jack has no idea where his life’s going, but senses this is a turning point. Lauren hopes it’s magical.

In the park, Summer flashes through her journey with Kyle since he left Lola. Kyle appears. This can’t be the way it ends for them. She has to know he loves her and getting married is the next step. He’ll prove she can trust him… and they will be together.

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