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At Grand Phoenix, Elena exclaims that Nate’s bleeding. He thinks he severed a tendon. Devon walks out as Phyllis calls 911. Amanda appears and asks what happened. Phyllis says, “Devon.” Meanwhile, Elena asks Nate not to hate her; she couldn’t keep what they did a secret anymore. As Elena prepares to follow Nate, Amanda confronts her, having guessed what happened between them. Elena’s expression confirms it and she exits. Phyllis rejoins Amanda, who asks if she’s seen Devon. Phyllis reports he walked out after punching Nate in the face; something explosive must have happened. Amanda tells her Devon discovered something devastating about Nate and Elena; she feels partially responsible for spending time with Devon. Phyllis reassures her and points out she was cheated on as well. Amanda shrugs that she and Nate weren’t serious; she’s devastated for Devon, who is selfless and kind. He deserves so much better. Phyllis senses they’ve become close and asks her to take Devon’s forgotten award upstairs.
Amanda upset betrayal Y&R

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At Crimson Lights, Faith gets a text and smiles. She’s about to exit when Mariah stops her. Faith lies that Nick’s picking her up but Mariah knows he went home. Faith insists she was going to call Nick when she was ready. Mariah trusts her. Faith assures her she’s fine and goes to wait outside. After, Billy enters and tells Mariah that Faith was with an older girl in Chancellor Park. Mariah calls Nick then confronts Billy for hurting Faith with his article; he didn’t protect the innocent so he’s basically as bad as Adam. She wonders if he’ll apologize, but Billy stands by achieving the greater good. Nick texts that he’s bringing Faith there. Mariah tells Billy he’s no hero, just a vulture. Later, Nick brings Faith in to apologize to Mariah for lying. Once Mariah heads home, Nick orders Faith to sit down and complains about her lying and sneaking off. Faith promises she’s okay, but Nick barely recognizes her. Faith insists she’s learned her lesson. Nick warns this isn’t over; they have to tell her mother. Faith convinces him not to, and as he locks up, she texts Jordan, “See you soon.”
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Devon parks himself at Society and Abby gushes about his award. She talks about Dina until Devon informs her he’s not in the mood for talking and wants a drink. While sitting alone he flashes through his interactions with Nate and Elena the past week. Chance arrives as Devon exits. Abby asks if he’s back on the police force after the grueling inquiry. Chance grins that it’s not official but he’s optimistic. He explains there’s no proof he was involved in a crime because there’s no evidence a crime was committed. Abby’s turned on.
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Elena arrives at home to find Devon sitting in the dark. She’s glad he’s there and explains Nate has a serious hand injury; there’s nerve damage. Elena pleads that people make thoughtless mistakes; there are no words for how deeply sorry she is, then asks, “Whatever you’re thinking, just say it.” Devon looks at her with disgust, then, deflated, questions why she did this with his cousin — was she punishing him for spending time with Amanda? Elena was afraid of losing him. Devon only wanted her. His voice cracks as he recounts letting her into his home and heart, yet she still did this to him. Elena hates herself and tearfully asks him, “What do you want me to do?” Devon advises her to sleep in the guest room then pack in the morning… he doesn’t want her living there anymore. Elena breaks down.
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Chance and Abby arrive at the hotel and Abby tells Phyllis her gala ‘didn’t suck’. She’s relieved there was finally an event where nothing happened to make front page news. Phyllis winces, then conveys her condolences about Dina. Up in their suite, Abby and Chance decide to spend the next day in bed, but Chance gets a text that Paul wants to see him first thing. Abby unzips; they’ll have to make the most of tonight.

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Nate arrives at the clinic, looks at his bandaged hand, then at the examination table where he and Elena had sex.

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