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Nick arrives at Grand Phoenix and compliments Phyllis; the hotel looks great for the awards gala. Phyllis will show him how grateful she is for the referral later.

In a suite, Devon tells Elena he’s glad they got the room for the night and teases about making magic later. She has his cufflinks and Devon wonders what he’d do without her. An uncomfortable look crosses her face and she tells him she’s proud.

At Crimson Lights, awkwardness ensues as Amanda runs into Nate. She confirms she’s going to the gala and talk turns to telling Elena and Devon about their break-up. Nate didn’t tell Elena because he’s private.

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At Chance Comm, Billy admires Lily’s look for the gala — he’s going to see his brother. Lily passes along her condolences and reflects that she’s glad to be back in Devon’s life as they discuss forgiveness.

At the Chancellor mansion, Kevin tells Chloe to go rest while Miles is asleep. Suddenly, Gloria bursts in hollering, “Hello Honeys!” It’s time for the baby to wake up and meet his glamorous Grandma Glo. Kevin’s perturbed she didn’t give them a heads-up. Gloria can’t understand why he’s shocked… of course she wants time with Milo. Chloe corrects, “Miles.” Kevin grills Glo about her Hollywood work. She chirps that she’s in demand and can only stay a few days. Kevin whispers to Chloe that Glo’s in some kind of trouble and leaves Michael a message to call. Later, Kevin tries again to find out what Gloria’s been up to. She’s offended and leaves the room. Kevin concludes, “She’s definitely hiding something.” After everyone’s in bed, Gloria hides something in a china jar with a lid.
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Phyllis welcomes Devon and Elena to the gala and congratulates the man of the hour. Elena steps away and Devon joins Nick as Nate arrives. They chat and Devon asks about Amanda. Nate wants to focus on Devon’s accomplishments. Amanda enters and tells Phyllis she’s heading upstairs to change. Elena reappears in time to see Amanda and Devon exchange a look. She approaches Nate and has questions about him breaking things off with Amanda, but it’s not the time or place. He says she looks amazing. Meanwhile, Nick passes along Nikki and Victor’s well wishes to Devon. Upstairs, Lily pops in on Amanda and learns that Nate dumped her. Downstairs, Nick mentions dropping by the clinic after a patient overdosed. Devon’s puzzled but it’s showtime. Devon receives his award and mentions Katherine, Dru, and Neil in his speech and credits Nick, Elena, and Nate for their hard work.
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After, still at the gala, Nick canoodles with Phyllis before taking off to put Christian to bed. Phyllis joins Amanda and learns Nate broke up with her. She declares he’s not good enough for her. Elsewhere, Lily and Nate talk about being proud of Devon. Lily approaches Amanda, who can’t wait for it to be over. Nearby, Devon questions Elena about the overdose patient Nick mentioned; why wouldn’t she share it with him? Elena stammers it’s over and done with, then admits it was Jared. Devon’s stunned she kept that from him. Elena’s sorry, tears up, and heads for the elevator. Nate appears and Devon questions him before following Elena. After, Amanda approaches Nate and says it must be hard seeing Devon with Elena and adds, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell Devon.” Up in their suite, Devon asks a crying Elena if she made a mistake the night Jared came in. She gasps, “It’s not about Jared.” Elena carries on that she was so stressed out and they momentarily lost control. She doesn’t know how she did this to him; she loves him. Devon asks, “What did you do?” Elena sobs, “I slept with Nate.” She protests it didn’t mean anything as Devon slams out. In the lobby, Phyllis gawps and Elena yells at Devon to stop as he street punches Nate to the floor.

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At home, Jack thinks about his former animosity toward Dina. Billy arrives, pours drinks, and asks to hear Dina stories. Jack shows him the Teardrop of Love and reveals it’s either enchanted or cursed. Billy wonders if the necklace would work its magic on the Abbott men. Talk turns to Billy’s partnership with Lily, which is going great. Jack warns against mixing work and romance. Billy insists he’s only talking professionally.

Billy and Lily both return to Chance Comm to finish up work and discuss a ‘feelgood’ story. Lily asks about Jack as talk turns to losing a mom that’s larger than life. Billy tells her about the love necklace and she teases him about acting cynical, but being a dreamer.
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Next on The Young and the Restless Elena tries to do damage control.

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