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At Sharon’s place, Faith, Mariah, and Nick all got a text from Sharon to meet her there. Sharon appears and announces her margins are all clear! Faith tears up with relief as the others exclaim happily. Mariah talks wedding plans but Faith still looks worried. As they talk dress-shopping, Faith texts her friend Jordan that her ‘fam’ is driving her nuts. They arrange to meet later. In a moment alone, Sharon questions Faith about being quiet regarding her news. Faith assures her she’s happy. Sharon wants to do a movie night but Faith convinces her to go to bed early.

Summer stays out of sight as she overhears Lola calling Kyle from Crimson Lights to tell him he left something at Society. He tells Lola it’s the worst possible time and lets her go.

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At the Abbott house, Kyle disconnects from Lola, while Jack wipes away tears watching Dina’s body being taken away and gasps, “She’s gone.” They go over feeling pain… and relief. Jack’s grateful Dina left the world feeling loved. Ashley credits Jack with finding the necklace. Traci thinks the effort made her feel loved. Kyle has to go. Abby protests but Jack tells him to take the time he needs. They’ll take care of arrangements tomorrow and take the night to remember their mother. Abby reminisces about spending time with Dina in Paris. Traci reflects on Dina’s restless spirit, and Jack muses you cannot change a person’s basic nature. Ashley sighs; she wasted so much time arguing with Dina and shares a recent story about them bonding over make-up. They’re all glad they were able to reconnect and flash through recent memories of Dina. Jack toasts to Dina and a life well-lived.
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Kyle arrives at Crimson Lights and Summer watches from behind a plant as he opens up to Lola about Dina’s death. She’s there to listen. Kyle talks about Dina and they laugh over her flirting with him. On the patio, Summer agonizes, “What are they talking about?” She knocks over a flowerpot and flees before Kyle sees her. After, Lola advises his Jabot ID badge is at Society. Kyle thanks her and goes. Lola’s leaving when Summer stops her and snaps, “This is exactly what you wanted, isn’t it?” Lola reminds Summer she left Kyle. Summer knows what she saw and accuses Lola of wanting him back. Lola doesn’t want him back and asks if Summer really thinks the ‘crazy stalker’ thing will win him over. “Good luck with that.”
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At Society, Rey wishes Chance could join him at the stakeout. Chance worries about the inquiry tomorrow morning — he’ll be honest, which means he may not be a cop again. Outside, on route to his stakeout, Rey calls Sharon and learns Faith urged her to go to bed early. He’s glad her daughter is with her.

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Kyle returns to the Abbott manse, where Jack’s sitting alone. He apologizes for leaving, then shrugs; maybe he should be glad Summer ghosted him, otherwise he wouldn’t have been there for Dina. He recalls not having closure when his mother died and tells Jack he loves him. They toast to finding enough love to get them through the rough patches ahead. Later, Lauren stops by and Jack gets emotional telling her Dina recognized the necklace then died. Lauren asks if there’s anything she can do. Jack says, “Let me thank you.”

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In Abby’s suite, Chance urges her to cherish her memories with her grandmother not regret the time she didn’t get with her. He notes her sentimentality and feels she’ll be an amazing mother. Abby wants to move forward with their plans. Chance agrees. “Let’s start a family.”

In the Grand Phoenix, lobby, Kyle encounters Theo and lets him know Dina passed away tonight. They all gathered at the house. Theo’s hurt they didn’t bother to call. “I’m not viewed as a part of the family, so why inform me my grandmother was dying.” He adds, “I’m so sorry for your loss,” and walks out.
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At the coffeehouse, Traci opens up to Ashley about being the one Dina forgot; in her final moments she looked into her eyes and knew who she was; she loved her in spite of everything. On the patio, Lola takes a call from Kyle, who thanks her for listening about Dina. She’s about to tell him something, but changes her mind. Later, inside, Nick and Mariah discuss Faith’s reaction to Sharon’s news. Nick felt she was pretending to be happy. Mariah figures she’s afraid to be happy and urges Nick to give her some space.

At Sharon’s house, Faith sneaks out of the house and texts her friend, “On my way.”

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