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At Crimson Lights, Traci assures Abby she did the right thing calling for help when Dina had trouble breathing the night before. Abby feels she’s taken a turn for the worst. Traci soothes that they need to prepare themselves. She tells Abby that Dina lived a huge, amazing life and they have to get some peace from that. Traci’s glad to hear things are going well for Abby and Chance and they laugh at how Dina would have put him on the hot seat. Abby reveals she and Chance have discussed having a baby. She wishes Dina could hold on to see her first great-grandchild. Traci will ensure her great niece or nephew knows all about her.
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In the Abbott house, a young, pregnant Dina reaches out to a young John in Jack’s dream. They slow dance. Dina’s wearing the emerald necklace. It suddenly goes missing. Jack awakens with Dina asking him to find it and bring it home. Jack calls Lauren.

At Jabot, Lauren answers her phone as Michael looks on. It’s Jack and she tells him she has the best news — the shipment came from London and she has the necklace with her.

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Victor runs into Ashley at the park and senses she needs a diversion. Ashley thanks him for helping Jack get information on the necklace. He did it for her and Dina. Ashley remarks on watching their mother decline. Victor’s sorry. Talk turns to Billy’s expose. Ash warns Victor that getting revenge on Billy won’t solve the issues the article brought up. It’s Ashley’s turn to sit with Dina, so Victor decides to accompany her to say goodbye.
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack heads out the door when Ashley and Victor arrive. Ashley admits she thinks about the possibility of getting Alzheimer’s and talk turns to Victor’s retirement. He admits it’s tough. Ashley brings up Adam tampering with his medication and they bicker about Billy printing Adam’s past transgressions. Ash thinks he should wash his hands of Adam forever. Victor wonders if she’d turn her back on Abby — to him Adam’s still the boy on the farm in Kansas. It’s complex. He points out she’s there protecting her mother after all the ups and downs.

At Jabot, Lauren and Michael discuss how handsome he is with his white hair and puzzle over the mysterious Teardrop of Love. Michael muses it could be a blessing or a curse and hopes it’s benign. Lauren assures him no necklace will jinx their love, she’s just happy Jack can give it to Dina. Kyle enters and Lauren and Michael are dismayed to hear he didn’t elope. Jack arrives and opens the necklace box. “It’s magnificent.” He hopes it will spark a moment of clarity and wants everyone together for the big reveal.
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At Crimson Lights, Traci gets an exciting text and lights up.

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At the Abbott home, Ash is surprised when Vic asks her to give Jack his best as he prepares to go. She gets a text that Jack found the necklace. Later, the family gathers and Jack warns there’s not much time left with Dina. He shows them the Teardrop of Love and makes a speech about it finding its way back home. While Dina rests, Jack talks about his dream. Abby theorizes maybe it’s the only way Dina could come to him. Traci and Ash agree it will be a sad day when they say goodbye to her forever. Meanwhile, Jack urges Kyle not to give up hope where Summer’s concerned. He regrets not finding lasting love and urges him to find Summer and put it back together. After, Ash relays Victor’s well wishes to Jack, and Abby phones Chance to say she’s staying there tonight. Suddenly, Dina appears.

Dina sits with the family in the living room but is unresponsive. Jack has something to show her from the past and opens the necklace box. Dina focuses on the emerald and reacts with delight. She reaches out, takes it into her hands and kisses it, then tearfully cries, “Thank you.” Dina then asks them to listen. She ran away from her life but in her heart she was with them always, “And I always will be forever. Don’t you make my mistakes.” Dina tells her darling Traci she will never ever be forgotten, tells Ashley she’s so sorry — she’s an Abbot and no one can take that away from her, then turns to her dear Jackie. “This is your family now. Keep them safe.” He promises. Dina begins to lose lucidity but tells them, “I love you all,” before taking her final breath. Jack whispers, “Goodbye mother.”
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As Dina passes away she’s seen opening the doors of the Abbott house and hears John calling her to the light.
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