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Victoria runs into Nick at the Grand Phoenix and suggests they sit down as a family to strategize about what Adam might do next. Nick snarks about family unity in light of what she did to Phyllis. Victoria sighs. Nick informs her Phyllis is a part of the family and so is Faith; Victoria’s just hell bent on revenge, which is typical Victor Newman. He feels their father’s the one to blame for Adam.

At Jabot, Phyllis spots Kyle while looking for Jack. She’s worried about Summer and asks again what he did to chase her daughter out of town. Kyle bellows that he loved her; he’s the one who got walked out on and whose heart is broken. Phyllis is skeptical. Kyle suggests she track down Summer.
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In the park, Summer tells someone by phone that she can pay and adds, “Just make sure you give me what I need.” She wants the person to be her eyes and ears at Society whenever Kyle converses with Lola.

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Adam’s surprised to see Victor at his door. The Mustache insists he’s not his enemy. Adam smirks, “Sure you are.” Victor’s there as a concerned father to apologize but Adam says sorry’s not going to cut it. Victor takes responsibility for what Adam’s going through and the animosity of his siblings. He’s there to rectify all that. Adam rewinds to having a good life with his mother and on Wall Street — it all got sucked away when he fell into Victor’s orbit. He wishes he’d never learned Victor was his father. Adam now has nothing to lose, which makes him a very dangerous man. Victor observes they’re both very angry about being abandoned but warns, “Don’t you ever threaten me.”
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At the hotel, Nick won’t help Victoria as long as she’s exacting petty retribution against Phyllis. Victoria leaves and Phyllis arrives. She updates Nick that Summer ended her relationship. Nick won’t be happy until she comes home. Talk turns to Devon’s award; Nick recommended the Grand Phoenix as the event venue and they loved the idea. Phyllis loves him for having her back but isn’t hopeful about Victoria. Nick exits and Victoria appears and suggests Phyllis could solve her problems by selling her, her share in the hotel. Phyllis is confident she can get rid of Victoria as she did Abby. Victoria reminds her she works for her; is that what she wants? She baits Phyllis by saying Nick’s committed to helping his family against Adam; the Newmans come first and she’s not one of them. Adam arrives as Victoria leaves. Phyllis wants to turn his frown into a smile. Adam’s not receptive. Phyllis wants to create an alliance to get back at every person who’s screwed them over. Adam shakes his head at her wanting him to inflict pain in return for her friendship. Phyllis shrugs, “That’s your skill.” Adam walks out.
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At Society, Kyle tells Lola he’s there to meet a client. She assures him he’s welcome to eat there. Kyle complains about the media skewering him thanks to Theo. Lola’s sorry. Kyle’s reactivated all his dating apps and is moving forward. A waiter records them chatting.

In the park, Summer texts Phyllis to reassure her. She’s watching the video of Kyle and Lola when Faith startles her. She doesn’t want to go home or read her mom’s texts because she’s worried and questions Summer about being a stalker and guesses she’s trying to discover if Kyle’s still in love with Lola. Summer doesn’t want to make another mistake, but urges Faith not to be scared of love. Faith gets a text but won’t say who it’s from as Summer teases her. Later, Summer watches the Kyle video again.
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At Society, Kyle’s meeting is over and Lola asks about Dina. Kyle shares she’s under hospice care and didn’t know him when he visited. Lola reassures him she knows deep inside. They banter and Lola asks him to give her best to Dina and the family.
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Faith meets Nick at Crimson Lights. She points out he’s been there for everyone and offers to be there for him if he needs it. Nick’s moved at how she’s growing up and handling everything. He loves her so much. They both tear up.

Faith arrives at home, calls out for Sharon, then sits and cries.

Nick surprises Phyllis with flowers and goodies in her suite. Phyllis says Victoria made her a ridiculous offer. Nick won’t discuss work or his family the rest of the day.

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At Jabot, Kyle looks at his phone.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria wants the legal team to be prepared… something’s coming.

In his penthouse, Adam paces, then looks out the window.

In the park, Victor tells Nikki he thinks his son is lost to him now.

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