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At home, Sharon calls Faith downstairs as Mariah arrives. She wants her daughters to help her plan her wedding. Faith looks upset. She tells her mother she’s happy for her but she’s concerned about the lab results. Sharon wants to talk color schemes for the dresses. Mariah joins her but Faith hangs back.

In his penthouse, Adam thinks about his recent conversations with Billy, Sharon, and Chelsea.

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At Chance Comm, Billy talks to someone about being an unnamed source in tying Adam to a crime. Lily overhears and snaps at him to hang up the phone reminding him he promised not to go rogue. She predicts if he prints another hatchet job on Adam they’ll lose a second lawsuit. Billy agrees to back off. He appreciates her calling his bluff. Lily thinks Billy won and hating Adam is only hurting him. “Have a little compassion that Adam has completely wrecked his life.” She points out he’s gotten second chances. Billy likens her to a cute little angel. Lily will be his cute little angel if it keeps them from chaos.
Lily bluff Billy Y&R

At Society, Rey learns Lola already knows he’s getting married thanks to Celeste. He worries about rubbing their happiness in her face, but Lola reassures him. Rey’s stunned to hear that Kyle and Summer eloped and complains Kyle never deserved her; he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing with his life.

At Jabot, Kyle yammers to Jack about business. Jack wishes he could stop him from hurting. Kyle opens up that he didn’t do anything — Summer just took off and left a vague note. Jack reveals she texted him asking for a leave of absence from Jabot. Kyle declares they’ll need a new head of marketing if she can’t be an adult. “Replacing Summer won’t be that hard.”
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At home, Elena learns Devon’s been awarded the Business Person of the Year honor and is so proud. He credits her with helping him get his life back. Devon reveals he’s meeting with Amanda to discuss his scholarship fund. Elena assures him it’s fine. Devon goes on about trust.

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In Chancellor Park, Nate stops jogging and flashes to sex with Elena. Amanda appears and wants to have an honest conversation; something has obviously changed. Nate concedes she’s not imagining it and tells her he can’t do this anymore. Amanda didn’t see this coming. He’s got a lot going on right now. Amanda’s perplexed. Nate sighs that her being Hilary’s sister brought up a lot of unexpected feelings. He remarks on being disloyal to Devon. Amanda’s confused and irked, tersely wishes him well and walks away.
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At Crimson Lights, Rey updates Nick on his engagement to Sharon. He’s glad for them, but asks, “Why now?” Nick’s concerned she got bad news about her cancer. Rey clarifies they’re getting married because they love each other, then asks Nick to be his best man. Nick chuckles and doesn’t know what to say. Rey feels Nick’s been there for them. Nick agrees to be his best man as Adam enters. He looks stunned and exits.
Adam overhears Nick, Rey Y&R

On the coffeehouse patio, Theo needles Kyle about the fastest honeymoon in history then learns they didn’t get married. As he figures Summer came to her senses, Lola appears and tells him to run his mouth elsewhere. Theo goes and Lola confronts Kyle about coming to Society to drown his sorrows last night. She asks him to stop showing up when he’s feeling down. Inside, Summer, wearing shades, watches them. Faith spots her. After, Lola tells Kyle to put himself in her place for a change and exits. Kyle calls an old flame in New York.

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At the park, Faith questions Summer about her marriage. Summer tells her she and Kyle thought they had it right this time but she had concerns he wasn’t ready to commit yet. She doesn’t want Kyle to know she’s in town. Faith teases about her stalking them, then admits she’d like to hide sometimes too. She opens up about Rey and Sharon’s engagement with everyone acting fake happy when they don’t have her results yet. Summer’s always there to talk. Faith gets a text from someone named Jordan and leaves.

At Grand Phoenix, Mariah tells Devon that Sharon’s marrying Rey and he relays he’s meeting Amanda. It’s still weird for Mariah that she’s Hilary’s twin. Devon concedes it’s been tough for Lily too. Mariah asks about Nate. Devon doesn’t know what’s going on with him and fears Amanda will be disappointed.

At the clinic, Elena confides to Nate that she’s weighed down by shame and guilt. As he follows her out of the exam room, saying her name, Amanda watches from the doorway.

At home, Adam burns a newspaper photo of Sharon and Rey together, then calls to put a tail on Rey.

At the hotel, Amanda congratulates Devon on his award and relays she hired a detective. They discuss his past before Amanda confides that Nate broke up with her. Devon thinks there’s something going on with him.

At home, Sharon gets a call that her test results are in. Rey arrives to find her crying. She reveals her markers are clear; she’s on her way to being cancer-free!

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