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At Society, Billy and Victor spar verbally. Billy calls him irrelevant. Billy steps away and Victor questions Lily working with Billy, who’s a miscreant that gambled with Chance Comm. Lily thinks everything worked out fine. Victor warns if she wants to protect her company, she needs to show Billy the door. Lily doubts Jill will oust her son. Victor points out she hired Lily to keep him in line. Lily thinks the story on Adam was a public service and says Victor’s tactics won’t work. Victor warns he has a way of righting a wrong. Later, Billy offers to walk Lily back to Grand Phoenix and asks about Victor. Lily teases she told him she’d consider turfing Billy out of the company. Billy thanks her for sticking up for him. Lily reflects she made a mess of her life as well – they’re both works in progress.
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In her suite, Phyllis rants through the phone at her money guy and asks, “Are you serious? Nick?” She says that’s too messy and advises him to do his job. After, Nick arrives wanting to know why she’s tied up in knots. If she tells him, he’ll try to fix it, playing right into ‘her’ narrative. Nick presses until she admits Victoria’s done something. He wants to help but she declines – she has the perfect non-Newman to help her.

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Nate flashes to sex with Elena while sitting at Crimson Lights. Amanda appears and questions him avoiding her. Nate’s been busy at work, but she’s not buying it. Nate concedes the point but it’s nothing he can’t handle. She asks him to stay in touch.
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At home, Devon notices Elena’s a million miles away. He tells her she’s an amazing doctor and a selfless person. She snaps that she has faults like everyone else. Devon senses something’s going on. Elena can handle it herself. He asks if it has to do with Amanda. Elena admits him spending time with her makes her feel insecure. Later, Devon wants to pamper her.

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Nick enters Victoria’s office asking to hear her side of the story. Victoria says Phyllis crossed a line by going to their associates after she turned down her pitch. Nick learns Victoria bought her debt to the tune of 75% and calls it a hostile takeover. He likens it to Adam’s scheme to get him out of Dark Horse and rants about her teaming up with Billy – innocent people are paying. Vikki’s sorry about Faith. Nick feels he needs to protect her from her aunt now. “Why don’t you tell me again why you don’t think you’re like Adam?” Later, Victor arrives to make peace. Victoria snarks about him not being able to control her anymore. He’s offended and says he misses her. Victor proposes taking Newman Media away from Billy Boy Abbott, but Victoria turns the conversation to Adam. Victor won’t discuss him. Victoria sniffs about him holding Adam to a different standard and walks out.
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Nate and Nick chat about the Adam article at the coffee house. Nate comments on having someone as damaged as Adam in your family. Nick talks about how it hit Faith.

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Phyllis meets with Amanda at the Grand Phoenix and vows to burn Victoria Newman so bad she’ll never underestimate her again. She wants Amanda to help her. Amanda has an exclusive contract with Chance Comm, but advises her to be careful and asks if she’s willing to risk losing Nick. “Only bet what you’re willing to lose.” Later, Nick returns and lets Phyllis know he visited Victoria. She finds it sweet. Nick feels this isn’t about her and advises she stay under Vikki’s radar for now. Soon, Billy and Lily arrive. He offers her a nightcap, but she has to call Mattie and takes a rain check. Billy watches her thoughtfully as she enters the elevator.
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At home, Elena gets a text from Nate checking in. She can’t keep doing this to Devon, it’s not fair. Nate asks her not to do anything until they talk. She agrees – tomorrow. After, Elena tells Devon she can’t take the day off tomorrow and wants to make the best of the time they have right now. They kiss and make love. Elena cries afterward. “I love you, Devon.”

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