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At the park, Victor figures Nikki invited him there to distract him from the hit job on Adam. He sees Billy Boy Abbott as the problem. Nikki brings up his strained relationship with Victoria. Victor gripes she won’t apologize for her role in the article and reveals he threatened to have her removed. Nikki thinks Adam should leave town. Victor tells her to have a good time with the leaves and walks away.

Lily arrives in Billy’s suite as he’s dressing. He shows her video footage of Adam going through his place last night when the power was out at Chancellor Communications and assures her he didn’t get anything. Downstairs, Nick leaves Summer a voicemail and Phyllis complains they’ve been ghosted. They can’t believe she and Kyle eloped. Phyllis takes a call and whispers about being afraid the tax man will lock up her hotel. Nick senses something’s up and offers help. Phyllis just needs another genius idea. Nick gets a text from Nikki and goes. Up in their suite, Chance lounges in bed talking about falling in love with Abby. She disrobes and hops back in the sack with him. After, they talk about their relationship being fate. Chance is pleased she agreed to play hooky today.
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At home, Chelsea ices her head. Adam questions her going to Chance Comm to confront Billy. She accuses him of pushing her away, then realizes he was behind the power outage. Adam needed to keep Billy and Lily busy to search their rooms – he came up empty but will keep looking. He needs to do this alone and exits.

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At Society, Billy confronts Adam about cutting the power and rummaging through his suite. He figures Adam’s scared about what they must have and quips that Adam should update Chelsea on his plans next time. Adam warns Billy if he comes after him again he’ll regret it.
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At Chancellor Park, Nikki wants Nick to convince Victor that Adam should leave town. Nick suggests they take matters into their own hands and has an idea. Later, Chance and Abby arrive. They talk about growing up in their wealthy families and how it affected their relationships before moving on to how swans mate for life. Abby tells Chance she loves him. Chance admits he was concerned about scaring her away when he said ‘falling’ – he loves her too.

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Nick visits Chelsea at the penthouse and warns her that sending Connor away temporarily isn’t enough – this is never going to end. Chelsea’s irked and wonders what he wants her to do. Nick wants her to leave town. She’s stunned and asks if he’s ever imagined what it’s like from Adam’s perspective. Nick thinks leaving is the best thing for everyone. Chelsea calls him heartless and tells him to go. When Adam gets home she declares they need to get far away from his family. “Let’s leave Genoa City.”
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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria has a video chat with Katie about Johnny not sharing, then gets on another call. Nikki arrives and Victoria tells her Phyllis is pitching their board members. She plans a strong response. Nikki wonders if she’s gunning for Phyllis out of frustration. Vikki’s learned she’s stretched so thin she’ll soon lose her financing. Nikki doesn’t like the path Victoria’s on and suggests she focus on Victor. Victoria won’t reach out to him for forgiveness and insists the Phyllis move is just business. Nikki reminds her that Nick will be hurt. Victoria’s going after an asset; Nick won’t take it personally.
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At Chance Comm, Lily wants Billy to forget about Adam and brainstorm future goals – she wonders if he even cares what’s next.

At Grand Phoenix, Phyllis gets a call that the bank sold her note to a holding company. Nick arrives – she seems shaken. Phyllis has a fire to put out and runs off.

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Phyllis roars into Victoria’s office to confront her about buying her note from the bank. Victoria now owns 75% of the hotel and smirks that she shouldn’t have left herself exposed. Phyllis accuses her of holding a grudge over the JT stuff and hollers it’s her hotel. She warns, “Wait until Nick hears this.” Victoria figures it will be fine once they break up again and asks how much she wants for the remaining 25%. Phyllis hisses it’s her hotel and this isn’t over.
Phyllis confronts Victoria Y&R

At Society, Lily and Billy brainstorm – she has a pitch about a ring of female jewel thieves overseas. Billy’s impressed. Suddenly, Victor appears.

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