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At Chance Comm, Billy and Chelsea have it out over the article. She scoffs at him acting like he did a noble deed but it was reckless. Billy goes on about how lucrative it was and reminds her the lawsuit got thrown out. He feels Adam doesn’t deserve her or Connor – he is a monster.

At Adam’s penthouse, Chance is perplexed that Adam sent his son away, yet is telling him everything is going well. Adam points out the piece didn’t connect them to the missing man in Vegas. Chance admitted to Paul he was the agent in the story – now his job’s up in the air. Adam has his back. Chance gets a text to meet Paul. Once alone, Adam calls someone – he’s ready now. He asks if Billy’s in the office, doesn’t care who he’s meeting with, and orders the person to get into position and wait for his signal.
Adam call give signal Y&R

At Chance Comm, Chelsea insists Adam’s changed and blames Billy for having to ship Connor off to boarding school. Billy thinks he’s better off away from his father. Chelsea pities Billy for living in the past. She questions if Delia would be proud of what he’s doing. If she knew how vicious he and Victoria would become she’d never have let them adopt Johnny.

At the penthouse, Adam texts his contact, ‘go’, and then exits.

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At Chance Comm, Lily joins Billy as the power goes out. Chelsea’s trapped in the elevator and bangs and hollers. In the office, Billy uses his phone light to look for a bug. He theorizes Adam cut the lights to have someone steal the information on the story, so he’ll stay. Lily questions if the threat of a second article scared Adam that much. Billy has the information in a secure location. They discuss taking on the Newmans. Billy admires how Lily handled Nikki – he thinks Neil would be proud. They gaze out over the city at night. Billy’s glad Lily’s there – he couldn’t do this without her. Lily laughs, “I know.” In the elevator, Chelsea tries to climb out the top, falls to the elevator floor and lies unconscious.
Chelsea elevator unconscious Y&R

At Society, Mariah confirms to Abby that Sharon’s surgery went well but she’ll be terrified until she gets a clean bill of health. She sighs that Sharon still needs radiation therapy. Abby’s sorry. Talk turns to Faith, who is hiding her emotions, and getting bullied due to Billy’s article. Mariah confides she’s struggling. Abby wants to help.
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At home, Sharon and Faith are happy to see one another. Faith goes for tea and Sharon feels protective. Rey reassures her and says Faith gave him the thumbs up to move back in. He’ll leave them to talk. After, Sharon and Faith chat and Faith downplays her own problems and agrees to go hang out with Mariah. Later, Nick visits Sharon about Faith. He complains about Adam, but Sharon blames Billy for putting the story of her birth out there. Next they bicker about whether Adam should be around Connor. Nick’s hopeful Faith will glide through this rough patch. Sharon worries she’s freezing everyone out.
Nick visits Sharon Y&R

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At Society, Abby can’t go with Mariah to meet Faith because Chance is coming by. She’s concerned he’ll lose his job with Paul. Mariah recalls Paul gave Rey a second chance and reassures Abby. Later, Chance arrives. His meeting with Paul was rescheduled. Abby suggests he cut all ties with Adam to get ahead of this, but Chance can’t do that – he saved his life. Abby argues he’s not worth it. Chance isn’t sure what he’ll do if the job falls through but he won’t leave her. “I’m falling in love with you, Abby.” She’s everything he could want in a woman. Abby’s melting and wants to go back to his suite to plan their future. All. Night. Long.
Abby future with Chance Y&R

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In Billy’s suite, Adam, in a ball cap, searches the drawers and cabinets using a flashlight.

At Crimson Lights, Faith admits she pretended to be asleep when Sharon left for surgery – she saw her crying. Mariah promises there’s nothing wrong with her, but worries about her shutting down. She lists the family members she has to lean on. Faith trolls her by mentioning Summer. Later, Rey enters while Faith’s in the restroom. Mariah’s pleased to hear he’s moving back in and they agree to let each other know when help is needed.

At Chance Comm, the lights come back on. Billy finds Chelsea unconscious, hollers for Lily, and calls 911.

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