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At the penthouse, Lily confronts Devon about why she had to hear from Billy that Amanda was Hilary’s sister. Devon apologizes. Lily reminds him she’s responsible for Hilary’s death, so learning she was working with her sister was hard. Devon was dealing with a lot and didn’t mean to leave her out. Lily confesses she was worried about him.

At Chance Comm, Billy’s pleased by Amanda’s news from court. He calls Lily and updates her the lawsuit got thrown out.

At Devon’s, Lily’s tells her brother the good news. He asks her not to worry about him – everything will be fine.
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At home, Adam complains to Chelsea that the judge dismissed his lawsuit. Chelsea warns him not to fly off the handle and seek revenge on Billy. She admits backers and influencers have backed out of the launch of her new company. Adam’s upset she didn’t tell him sooner and declares that there must be repercussions for Billy – if he wants to paint him as a monster, he’ll get a monster. Chelsea hollers that he’s about to do irreparable damage to them. Adam yells that he doesn’t trust her to protect their family.

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At Crimson Lights, Jack and Traci discuss Billy’s article on Adam. Jack’s disappointed he didn’t consider anyone else. Talk turns to the necklace. Jack reports Victor pointed him in the right direction to tracking it down. Traci’s stunned as Jack fills in the details. Jack thinks he’ll have an answer about the Bodhi holding company soon. He believes it has to do with the enduring power of love.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria’s surprised by a text from Phyllis to meet – it’s important.

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At Grand Phoenix, Phyllis receives Victoria’s reply – she doesn’t have time for her – and snarks, “Rude.” Nick appears with news that Sharon’s being prepped for surgery and asks why she’s annoyed. Phyllis says Victoria blew her off – she has a great idea for a joint venture. Nick reminds her World War III is breaking out in his family. Phyllis is excited about her idea.

At the ranch, Nikki and Nick try to be optimistic about Sharon. Talk turns to Victor fuming over the lawsuit being thrown out and devastated that Victoria was part of this. Nikki’s not sure they’ll reconcile this time. Nick’s more concerned about Faith.
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Phyllis busts into Victoria’s office to pitch a collaboration. She’d like her hotel to be the premiere destination for Newman’s clients and will provide rooms at a discounted rate. Vikki has an agreement with the Athletic Club. Phyllis grimaces – it’s dark and dingy and Grand Phoenix has the Escape Club. Victoria isn’t interested in a business deal with her. Nikki appears. Phyllis urges Nikki to sell Victoria on her pitch as she leaves. Nikki wants Victoria to repair things with her father. Victoria thanks her for always being there. Nikki thinks Phyllis’ pitch could be worthwhile. Victoria says if Abby still owned it, things would be different.
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At Society, Jack thanks Lauren for meeting him, and she shares Chloe went into labor. Jack marvels that the emerald necklace trail led to her father. Lauren doesn’t recall seeing it but it might be in storage – she’ll let him know soon. She gets a text that Chloe’s delivered her baby boy and exits.
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At Chance Comm, Lily catches Billy up on her visit with Devon but wants to focus on business. Billy wants to do a sequel to the expose. Lily thinks they should walk away. Billy backs off, but has another request.

In a hotel room, Summer admits to Kyle she may be having second thoughts about eloping. Kyle understands – it doesn’t feel right keeping the news from their loved ones. They decide to email their parents then turn off their phones. After, Kyle steps away and his phone beeps. Summer’s stunned to see he’s been messaging with Lola and worrying about her. Kyle reappears with a gift box.
Summer reads text Y&R

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At Society, Jack reads Kyle’s message and sighs, “Oh Kyle…”

At Grand Phoenix, Nick tells Phyllis to check her email – Kyle and Summer are eloping tomorrow. Phyllis hollers. Nick hopes he’s not the reason she’s doing this. Phyllis knows he has Sharon and Faith to deal with…she’ll take care of this. She calls Jack.
Phyllis, Nick talk Summer Y&R

At the coffee house, Billy and Lily clear the air. She warns it’s not okay to make unilateral decisions. He promises full transparency from now on – their partnership and friendship is the most important thing in his life aside from his kids.

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