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In the clinic, Nate and Elena have passionate sex on the examining table. Afterward, Elena clutches her lab coat around her body and looks distraught. As she dresses, Elena rants that this was wrong and theorizes they were going on adrenaline because of Jared. They can never speak of this again! Nate promises to keep quiet. Elena rushes out and Nick arrives. Nate shrugs his shirt on and explains it’s been a long night. Nick, suspicious because Elena just ran out, wants to hear about it. Nate says he and Elena almost lost a kid to a drug overdose.

At Grand Phoenix, Devon and Amanda share a toast to Hilary and then to taking chances and letting people into your life. They get to chatting about her twin over drinks and Amanda thinks they were both ambitious and love spicy food. Devon finds Amanda more grounded whereas Hilary was always up in her head. Amanda laughs she won’t be doing The Amanda Show and isn’t ready for a baby anytime soon. Devon’s quiet. She apologizes for sticking her foot in it. Devon smiles that Hilary wouldn’t have apologized – it’s another way they’re different. They discuss their backgrounds. Devon learned that true family won’t disown you for misspoken words. She’s his sister-in-law once removed at birth. They laugh and agree they’re friends.
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At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe wants the baby to come out and jokes back and forth with Kevin, who is hiding behind the sofa pretending to speak for their unborn child. Kevin suggests they get the little guy moving…together. Chloe rants that he’s stubborn like his father. Kevin tries giving the baby boy a speech about his mommy, home, and sister. After, Esther joins Chloe and reminds her babies making dramatic entrances are a family tradition. She recalls giving birth to Chloe on the stairs with only Katherine to hold her hand. Later, Kevin and Esther are downstairs when Chloe squawks – it’s time. Kevin enthuses “We’re having a baby!”
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At Crimson Lights, Mariah goes on about bringing Tessa in to play tunes there, but Faith is distracted by her phone. Mariah knows she’s getting bullied and advises her to stay off the internet. She quips that as a stolen baby herself, she believes the experience can be character building. Faith worries about Sharon’s surgery. Mariah promises they can survive anything together, then texts someone for help. Soon, Nick arrives. They talk about Adam. Faith thinks he’s like a cancer and they should cut him out. Nick explains it’s not that easy…just like it’s not easy to ignore the things people say online. Talk turns to Sharon’s cancer. Faith wants to hear they’ll get every bit of it. When Faith steps away, Nick tells Mariah he can’t tell if she’s okay or putting on an act.
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At home, Sharon’s packed for the hospital. Rey looks to having the strength and grace to handle what comes next. He teases he put a surprise in her bag, then senses there’s something she needs to say to him. Sharon asks him to move back in, then rambles that it’s not about being anxious about the surgery. Rey agrees to return – he wants to love her the way she deserves to be loved. Sharon worries she’ll have scars. Rey loves all of her. In a moment alone, Sharon tears up. Faith sees her from outside.
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Elena arrives at home and realizes Devon’s not there. When he arrives, Devon enthuses about his night, but Elena’s distracted. He asks if something happened at the clinic. Elena claims she’s tired and asks about his night. Devon had a good conversation with Amanda over drinks. Elena snarks about him and little orphan Amanda walking down memory lane. Devon says there’s nothing going on between him and Amanda – he considers her family, like Nate. Elena looks ill. Devon can see something’s wrong. Elena croaks that they had a high volume of patients. Devon’s lucky to have her. Elena cries, “I’m so sorry, Devon.” She’s going to bed and will probably be out like a light before he comes upstairs. Once alone, Devon looks concerned.
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At Society, Nate ignores a call from Amanda and drinks.

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