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At Society, Ashley tells Jack she’s sorry about the implications of Billy’s article for Faith, but it’s all true and whatever happens to Adam as a result, he had it coming. Jack changes the topic to Dina’s home movie and updates her on the emerald necklace. Ash thinks Victor mentioned the Teardrop of Love to her once.
Ashley meets Jack Y&R

At Sharon’s place, she and Rey debate the article and the incident in Kansas. She believes what Adam went through then was a catalyst for what followed. Rey dislikes using the past as an excuse. Sharon argues it was damaging and made him act out. She knows there’s good in him. Rey feels her capacity for forgiveness will come back to haunt her. Sharon thinks everyone deserves compassion.
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At the penthouse Elena dreams that Devon and Amanda have fallen in love with each other. Devon awakens her and asks about her bad dream, but she gets a call from Nate, who needs her at the clinic and leaves.

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At Chance Comm, Adam squares off with Billy and stresses he was a child when AJ Montalvo was killed – he was protecting his blind mother. Billy counters when he was grown he ran down his daughter like a dog and covered it up. Adam warns he doesn’t know what he’s unleashed. Later, Ashley arrives. She thought this venture would be healthy and hopes Billy hasn’t traded one addiction for another.
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At Newman Enterprises, Victor accuses Victoria of wanting to punish him by having Billy Boy publish the trash and mentions Faith. Victoria didn’t know he’d go so far and is sorry about Faith. She knew Victor would be angry, but explains Newman will weather the storm because she’s in charge. She sneers about him being too focused on Adam. Victor fumes that she’s lucky she’s his daughter because no one talks to him this way. She’d better hope the company doesn’t fail or she’ll be demoted and stripped of her title.
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In Kyle’s suite, he suggests to Summer that they elope given everyone’s reaction to their engagement. Summer questions him and he promises it’s not about Lola. She agrees to the road trip, exits, and seems uncertain. In the lobby, Phyllis is on the phone discussing her cash flow problem when Summer appears. Phyllis disconnects. Summer announces she and Kyle are going on a trip and lies they’re scouting a new boutique near Nashville. Her mother thinks she’s acting weird. Summer’s still upset about their reaction to her engagement. Phyllis isn’t sure Kyle has it in him to love her as she should be loved, but when the time comes she’ll help plan the wedding. Later in her suite, Phyllis panics over the possibility of failure and calls Victoria to meet about something extraordinary.
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At the clinic, Elena confides in Nate that when she’s there she doesn’t have to think about Devon and Amanda. Suddenly, the door blows open. They rush over where Jared, (played by Michael Maclane) is lying on the floor. They fly into action as Elena asks what he took, and are relieved when he awakens. Jared didn’t want them to see him like this – but since his grandpa died… “I need help.” Elena assures him they’ll see he gets it. Later, over a beer, Elena reflects that Jared came to Nate because he knew he was someone he could trust. She sets down her beer, and says, “Nate.” He moves closer and they share a deep kiss.

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Sharon meets Adam at the coffee house where they touch on Faith and the article. Adam wishes he could have prevented this. Sharon knows Adam’s heart and is concerned – she wants him to see a professional. Adam’s blown away she would do this for him. Sharon can’t be his therapist because of her surgery. Adam snarks it wouldn’t be fair to Rey. Sharon concedes the point, but assures him she’s a friend.
Sharon meet Adam Y&R

At the ranch, Jack regrets not being able to stop Billy, and asks Victor about the Teardrop of Love necklace. Victor recalls John bought it on the black market for Dina when she was pregnant with Jack, but it was stolen around the time she moved to Paris. Victor wanted it for Nikki and remembers it was purchased by a holding company, Bohdi. Jack thanks him and says he thinks he did the right thing protecting Adam.

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Devon runs into Amanda at Society – their minds have both been working overtime. She worries about all this has brought up for him, but he assures her no apology is necessary. Devon reflects that it changes a lot, but not the present.

At the coffee house, Kyle and Summer head out for their road trip – the next time they’re in Genoa City they’ll be married.

Next on The Young and the Restless, Nick uncovers a secret.

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