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At Chance Comm, Lily can’t believe Billy ran the Adam story without giving her a heads up or letting Amanda finish going over it. She hollers they could lose everything because he went rogue! Billy’s convinced she’ll end up thanking him. Lily retorts, “Don’t bet on it.” He’s put everything they’ve worked for at risk. Billy argues he was being proactive. Lily can’t be around him and storms out. Amanda arrives and lays into Billy as well – she’s considering leaving him in the hole he’s dug. Billy enthuses they took a gamble and won. Amanda questions if using the company to service his vendetta is something to be proud of.
Lily rails at Billy Y&R

At the ranch, Nikki sees the story online, calls Victoria and snaps, “I hope you’re proud of yourself.” Nikki disconnects as Victor enters the room and learns Billy ran it. “That bastard.” They get on the phone to do damage control. Victor’s frustrated they made it look like Adam committed murder and he covered it up. Soon, Rey arrives and reveals the authorities in Kansas called Paul. Victor suggests he arrest Billy Boy Abbott for libel and harassment. Rey grills Victor about the incident in Kansas and George disappearing. “He’d better still be breathing.” Victor’s outraged and informs Rey he can speak to his lawyer.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria disconnects from her mother and looks up the story. Later, Nikki arrives, furious that Victor’s being questioned by the police and accuses Victoria of lying to her. Victoria’s sure the company can weather the fall out. Nikki’s concerned about Victor. Victoria doesn’t think he’ll be charged – the incident in Kansas was decades ago. Nikki reminds her that Victor’s responsible for the life she enjoys. Victoria doesn’t see herself as being nothing without him. Nikki warns she’s destroying the family from within; giving Adam what he’s always wanted.

At the penthouse, Adam complains to Chelsea they published one monstrous deed after another with no context. He fumes, “I am going to kill Billy Abbott.” They fend off calls from the press and Chelsea worries about explaining this to Connor and calls the school to buy time. Adam decides he’s going to fight this…and tear Billy Abbott apart. Chelsea warns him not to confront him, but Adam goes.

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In Phyllis’ suite, she and Nick remark that Billy didn’t pull any punches. Nick’s angry – this makes his dad look bad and others could be collateral damage. Suddenly, Nick reads something else and rushes out to protect Faith. Phyllis sighs, “Billy, you’ve gone too far.” She gets on a call about some cash flow problems and panics upon learning her taxes are due – she can’t make the payment.
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At Sharon’s place, she and Nick explain to Faith that part of the Adam and Victor story references what happened to her as a baby. Faith read it. Sharon will never forgive Billy for bringing up these old wounds. Faith admits it scares her she could have had a different life. She questions Sharon being friends with Adam. Nick intervenes that it will blow over fast. Faith goes to the kitchen and reads text from her peers bullying her. She tells her parents she’s going to a study session and rushes out to await her ride. Nick assures Sharon she’ll be okay…and so will she. Outside, Faith reads another mean text and walks away.

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At the park, Victoria tells Billy the article is too much. Billy reminds her she said she was okay with Victor getting blowback. It’s more than she bargained for…a lot more. She thought Adam was the target. Billy reminds her she wanted this. Victoria knows but reading it made her stomach drop – what has she done to her family and how much worse will it get?

At Chance Comm, Amanda updates Lily they’ve been served. Talk turns to Amanda being Hilary’s sister. They agree today’s not the right time for questions. Swerving back to damage control, they discuss Billy being a man of many surprises. Lily wishes she could get in his head to know what’s coming. Later, Billy returns and Lily tells him the article’s metrics are off the charts. Billy feels vindicated. Lily warns she doesn’t want to be blindsided again. Lily exits, and Adam blows in. “Don’t you look happy, Billy. Let me change that for you.”

Nick rejoins Phyllis and reports Faith’s more upset than she’s letting on. Phyllis curses Billy. Nick hopes Billy knows what he’s got himself into – Adam may feel he’s got nothing to lose.

Victoria returns to the office to find Victor waiting.

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