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At Crimson Lights, Mariah notices Amanda watching old episodes of GC Buzz. Amanda reveals that Hilary’s her twin sister. Mariah knows something about the ‘twin comes to town’ thing. She asks about Devon. Amanda says he’s holding up, and wonders if she has anything to share about Hilary. As Amanda asks if Hilary was a good boss, she’s stunned as Mariah recalls incidents where she was verbally abusive – it even got physical between them. Amanda’s confused – she thought they were friends. Mariah never backed down and they became close. “I miss her. I miss my friend.” She adds that when Hilary told her she was proud of her it meant the most. Amanda reveals she was the twin left behind. Mariah marvels – that’s exactly her story. She talks about Cassie. They commiserate over grieving for someone you never met. Mariah suggests Amanda talk to Jack about Hilary.
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Devon surprises Elena with a picnic in the park. Elena wonders if he feels guilty about Amanda. Devon denies it, though he concedes it’s taken up a lot of his time. As they picnic, they discuss their passion for their respective jobs, and both find it sexy. They kiss and decide to go home.

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At Jabot, Summer’s taken aback that Kyle doesn’t want them to tell Jack their big news. He clarifies he wants to do it himself. Jack arrives and senses something’s up. Kyle steps out and Jack tells Summer she looks radiant. Summer muses that her mom said the same thing. Jack wishes you could bottle young love and sell it. Summer teases love also works for the ‘young at heart’ – she wants to see him happy and thinks the right woman is out there. Later, Amanda meets with Jack about Hilary. He believes her sister would want him to talk to her – and he’d do anything for Hilary. Jack describes meeting her through Neil and reveals she was talented and driven. Once she trusted him, she saw him as a confidante. She was tough on the outside but was beyond generous and vulnerable. “I miss her.”
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At Society, Lola flashes to Summer and Kyle’s proposal and phones someone to come by. Soon, Mariah arrives. Lola tells her she dumped Theo. She wanted a clean slate for her divorce papers to come in. She reflects on having her failure documented. Mariah asks if she still has feelings for Kyle. Lola denies it and observes he’s ‘really’ with Summer now, but doesn’t elaborate. Mariah moves to the bar as Kyle arrives looking for Lola. Mariah says she’s out and lets it slip that she and Theo broke up. Kyle will always care about her. Mariah promises to tell Lola he stopped by. Lola watches him leave from the kitchen. After, Mariah decides she knows what Lola needs – a girls’ night out. Lola agrees.

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At Grand Phoenix, Amanda tells Phyllis that Hilary’s her sister. Phyllis reflects that they all suspected and reveals she was closer to Hilary than to her actual sister. They were kindred spirits who bonded right away as outsiders and troublemakers. Amanda gets choked up – she’s overwhelmed and feels sadness. She wishes she could meet Hilary; maybe she could have helped her. Phyllis cautions her about going down that rabbit hole – she’s an incredible person and should focus on moving forward. In her suite, Amanda goes back to watching GC Buzz and smiles.
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Kyle returns to Jabot and tells Jack he and Summer are so much in love they got engaged. Jack’s taken aback and reminds him he’s still married to Lola. “What is the rush?” Kyle argues they’re ready and moving in together. Jack urges him to show restraint and be patient.

At home, Elena and Devon undress each other and make love.
Elena, Devon make love Y&R

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