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Billy arrives at Adam’s penthouse demanding to know what happened to the reporter from Kansas who’s disappeared. Adam knows she met with Billy and wonders what they’re cooking up. Billy barks, “What did you do with her Adam?” Adam denies culpability. Billy accuses him of lying. Adam counters, “Prove it.” They bicker over ‘the truth’; Adam mocks Billy for seeking clickbait. Billy knows he killed AJ Montalvo and warns his time is up – he’s going to tell the world. Adam smirks that Billy has nothing. Chelsea intervenes. Adam takes a call upstairs and Chelsea warns Billy there will be lawsuits if he pursues this. Billy’s certain Adam will destroy her life – he’s always been her worst decision. Adam hears. After Billy’s gone, Chelsea asks Adam if he made Alyssa disappear. Adam was worried Billy was getting too close and couldn’t let that happen. Chelsea asks, “What did you do?”

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At Grand Phoenix, Nick hisses to Phyllis that Kyle’s dragging Summer into another marriage over his dead body. He wants to present a united front and talk Summer out of it. Phyllis reminds him she’s an adult. They debate until Summer joins them and insists she’s living a dream come true. Nick worries she’s romanticizing this and reminds her Austin cheated and Kyle asked her to donate her liver to Lola. He looks to Phyllis for back up. Phyllis admits she wasn’t happy about the engagement. Summer labels them hypocrites and reminds Nick he offered them the house. She guesses he’d secretly hope they’d crash and burn. Phyllis plays mediator, taking Summer to task for hiding her engagement and reminding Nick what he went through with Nikki when he married Sharon. She suggests they just love each other. Summer tells Nick he’s always lived life his own way – she’s so proud to be his daughter. Nick tears up over his ‘Supergirl’ but can’t pretend to be okay with the engagement. Summer walks out.
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At the clinic, Nate’s thrilled to see Amanda’s heart so full after Devon helped her make a connection to her sister. He learns they plan to get together again. Amanda reflects on being a living reminder of all Devon lost – no wonder he hated her at first. Nate believes he just wanted to move on. Amanda asks about his late fiancée, Caroline. Nate recalls she was smart, beautiful and strong – they had a deep connection – like Devon and Hilary. He remembers trying to save Hilary and the baby and the depth of Devon’s grief. It nearly drove him and Elena apart and he doesn’t want to see her go through that again. Amanda will be careful.

At home, Devon apologizes for merely texting Elena when he decided to help Amanda. Elena feels they both know why he didn’t bother to explain first. Devon says it affected him more deeply than he expected. Elena asks Devon to let her in. Devon talks about watching Amanda light up when she watched GC Buzz and saw her sister. He was reminded of a lot of things about Hilary and muses it might have a test; God’s way to show him he’s moved on.

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Elena arrives at the clinic and isn’t happy when Nate asks how she’s doing. She accuses him of setting this whole thing in motion and rants that Devon’s whole world got turned upside-down again. She stalks off, then returns and apologizes for taking it out on him. Nate cares about her. Elena promises she and Devon will be okay.
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At home, Devon flashes through his memories of Hilary and paces.

At Crimson Lights, Amanda grins as she watches an episode of GC Buzz on her phone.

At Grand Phoenix, Billy receives a call from Alyssa –she’s okay. Billy’s ready to run the story and urges her to send the proof now. He then drinks to Adam’s day of reckoning, which is long overdue.

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