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At Grand Phoenix, Chance updates Abby that Adam’s become dangerously unpredictable. Abby learns Adam’s taking matters into his own hands where Vegas is concerned and doesn’t want Chance involved. She fears her boyfriend’s reputation will be ruined. Chance worries everything could go down the drain…fast.

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Adam listen to Victoria and Billy at Chance Comm. Vikki wants to bolster Alyssa’s story with Adam switching Victor’s pills. She explains the pharmacist may be willing to go on the record and Billy’s stoked. Chelsea can’t believe Victoria’s at the heart of this, but Adam’s not surprised at all. He has a plan but won’t tell Chelsea; she’ll have to trust him. She goes upstairs and Adam calls someone – he needs something taken care of quickly and quietly…right now.

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At Chance Comm, Billy’s pleased to be on the same side as Victoria again and complains about Victor. If she’d listened to him about her father before things might have been different between them. Furious, Victoria informs Billy he’s deluded – the only way things could have been different is if he was different. She rants that the only things she can count on are death, taxes, and Billy getting restless and ruining any chance of happiness and taking everyone else down with him. Billy gets the message loud and clear.
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At the clinic, just as Nate says he has something to tell Elena, she gets a text that Devon’s with Amanda. She fumes that she’s the last to know. Nate reveals he urged Devon to meet with her. Elena wishes he’d left it alone. Nate thinks Amanda deserves to know about her sister and it could be good for him too. Elena asks, “What about me?” Nate points out Devon’s not doing anything on the down low. Elena thinks it’s pretty clear that she’s not his priority…not anymore. She worries where this might lead. Nate assures her she’s not alone – he’ll keep her grounded, safe, and happy. Elena has to go.

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At Devon’s place, he explains to Amanda it was self-preservation that made him take a step back, but he wants to share Hilary’s memory with her. He sends her a link to a site with episodes of GC Buzz to see her sister in action. Devon laughs that he used to joke about being thankful she was one-of-a-kind and admits she rubbed people the wrong way sometimes. Amanda marvels she was a force to be reckoned with. Devon acknowledges their relationship got pretty fiery – they would have spent their lives arguing and making up. They watch GC Buzz together and Amanda gushes about her sister. Devon wishes Hilary was there – she’d love every minute of it; he loves it too. He offers to discuss Hilary any time. Amanda will take full advantage of that. Later, Elena comes home to Devon, who has a romantic dinner set up for her. He relays it was cathartic for him to talk about Hilary and reminds Elena he’s the only connection Amanda has to her. She needs to trust everything will work out. They kiss and hug but Elena’s not smiling.
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At Society, Victoria greets Chance and talk turns to Adam. She questions him about them being close since Vegas. Chance hopes that’s all ancient history. Vikki wonders if that’s really the case. They spar verbally and Chance reveals he’s up for a GCPD job. Vikki thinks it could conflict with his prior activities. Chance muses they all have skeletons in their closet. Victoria warns she won’t be the last one that asks about his connection with Adam – he’d better get used to it.

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At the clinic, Amanda gushes to Nate about her time with Devon learning about Hilary – she feels this is just the beginning. Nate takes a call from the hospital and disconnects to find Amanda crying – she’s so happy to finally have people of her own. She doesn’t know the whole story but it’s a pretty beautiful beginning.

At Grand Phoenix, Billy leaves Alyssa a message that he has the bombshell they’ve been waiting for – he’s heading up. Billy arrives at Alyssa’s suite and finds it empty.

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