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In the penthouse, Chelsea disagrees with Adam’s contention they can’t be together. Adam argues his son shouldn’t have to live with ‘what he is’. Chelsea reminds him she was a con as a kid; it’s not who she is now. Adam’s frustrated she can’t see where this is going – she and Connor will leave him; it’s inevitable. Chelsea feels nothing will come between them but Adam insists it already has and walks out.

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At Sharon’s place, she dreams of Adam coming through the door – he couldn’t stay away and wishes he could save her. Sharon questions if he’d want to be there when she’s sick and weak. He would – just as she’s been there for him. Sharon laments how complicated it is for them. Adam says it doesn’t have to be. They both want to help each other. Sharon awakens, paces, then looks at a photo of her and Rey before texting Adam to ask when he can talk. He knocks and enters. “I can talk now.” They go over the awkwardness with Chelsea showing up at the motel and the blurring of lines. Sharon feels they’re both emotional and vulnerable right now, but warns it can’t happen again – she felt guilty where Rey’s concerned. “I can’t treat you anymore, Adam.” Adam feels he was selfish for dragging her into it. Sharon argues he gave her a sense of purpose – he matters to her and always will. Adam says, “Don’t worry about me, take care of yourself,” as he leaves. Sharon watches him go from the door.
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Kyle arrives at his suite to find Summer has a romantic dinner set up. She appears in a nightshirt. They banter about absence making the heart grow fonder. After sex, Summer updates him on the house and she imagines getting two dogs and having kids. Kyle reminds her she skipped over an important part – getting married. They decide they’re engaged but won’t tell anyone about their secret. Kyle makes her a ring and Summer thinks it perfect.
Summer, Kyle engaged Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Jack tells Billy he’s taking a breather from Jabot and Dina. Nikki and Victoria stroll in. Billy and Jack congratulate Nikki on her promotion. Nikki declines to join them, she wants time with Victoria. Billy takes Victoria aside, wanting to talk later. On the patio, Nikki’s disappointed that Victoria didn’t go to her escape. She insists they need to talk about Victor, who has regrets about how he handled the Kansas incident and relays that Alyssa’s back. Victoria points out Victor has no regrets about how he treated her and is uninterested in Nikki’s bid to get her to sympathize with Adam. Inside, Billy and Jack dish on Traci and Theo joining Chance Comm. Billy adds Amanda has proven to be invaluable and will be earning her money. Jack senses he’s going to play fast and loose with the rules and is concerned. Billy confirms it’s a story big enough to send Chance Comm into the stratosphere and involves Newmans. Jack warns, “Don’t do this.” He thinks it will bring the end for Chance Comm and questions Billy going back to anger and retribution. Billy can handle it. Once Jack and Nikki are gone, Billy confirms to Victoria that Alyssa’s in town. Victoria’s committed to going through with this and can handle blowback at Newman. Billy’s impressed.
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At Society, Theo and Lola agree to clear the air. She felt foolish for making him pierogies when he couldn’t even make the effort to text her back. Theo feels everyone does something to get something back. Lola asks, “Really? Even us?” Theo thinks he brings out a more spontaneous side of her and she keeps him grounded – it’s give and get. Lola gets him to admit that dating her helped him get back at Kyle. Theo feels she tricked him into saying it. Lola walks away fuming. Theo catches up with her in the kitchen and teases, “Can you put away the knives please?” He concedes it brings him a small amount of joy dating Kyle’s ex. Lola thought she meant more to him than that and asks him to leave.

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