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At Chance Comm, Billy calls up Alyssa Montalvo, learns she’s in Genoa City, and arranges to meet with her.

Outside Adam’s motel room door, Chelsea talks to her husband, who she thinks is inside, but it’s Sharon. Adam returns and joins Chelsea, who wants to talk inside. Adam tells her it’s depressing in there and agrees to follow her home to speak. Adam enters to find Sharon gone, but she emerges from the washroom after he leaves and exhales.

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At Grand Phoenix, Abby updates Chance that Phyllis got financing to buy her out of the hotel, so she can kiss the toxic relationship goodbye. They crack out the bubbly and go over Phyllis being back with Nick. Abby sympathized with her brother feeling caught in the middle and is glad to be out of the Victoria and Adam drama. Chance takes her upstairs to talk and warns Adam and Alyssa are on a collision course. Abby senses Alyssa has a personal vendetta against Adam. Chance can’t say, but worries he could get caught in the middle and is too dangerous to be around right now. Abby reels – he’s breaking up with her. She’s upset he sees her as a delicate flower. Chance was trying to do the decent thing and give her a way out – he doesn’t want her to go anywhere. “I don’t ever want to lose you.” Abby sets him straight about how he handled the situation, then wants him to show her how he feels.
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At Crimson Lights, Billy meets Alyssa and talk turns to Victoria. Alyssa senses she’s like her father and wants to know what Victoria and Billy are really after. They discuss the events in Kansas and Alyssa reveals she’s no longer protecting Adam who grew up to be a liar and killer – she wants to see him burn. Billy’s pleased. She has no evidence now to expose Adam for her father’s death, but is onto a juicy new story about Adam involving an incident in Vegas. Billy spent a lot of time there and may be able to help. He promises to get her dirt on Adam out into the light of day and reveals they feel the same way about him. Alyssa knows of Billy daughter’s death and assumes this is revenge. Billy has learned vengeance offers no comfort but feels Adam’s a menace who is incapable of redemption. He uses people, like Alyssa, and Billy’s had enough. Alyssa will need his resources to pin him down.
Billy meets Alyssa Y&R

At the penthouse, Chelsea tells Adam she knows Sharon’s been coming to see him. Adam deduces Chance told her and apologizes. Chelsea understands Sharon has training she doesn’t and supports it. She asks if it’s helping. Adam explains Sharon got bad news and he suggested she focus on her own situation. Chelsea wants him to come home, but Adam goes on about Victor never coming clean about Kansas even when he turned cruel and hurt people. He’s enraged and feels Chelsea has no clue about the darkness inside him. It’s too late to deal with it…it only gets more intense. Adam believes they should accept and surrender to the inevitable. Chelsea begins to panic, and asks him to stop, but Adam can’t give her the future they envisioned together. “We can’t be together, not now, not ever.”
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Sharon arrives at home and is surprised Rey’s still there. He wanted to ensure she was okay. Sharon apologizes for worrying him. Rey informs her he answered Mariah and Faith’s questions about her results. She’s appreciative. Rey remains tense as he turns to leave. Sharon stops him and confesses she went to see Adam twice today. Rey wants to know if it stops now…like right now? Sharon protests about not wanting to abandon him and Rey walks out – they’ll discuss it in the morning. Sharon talks to Faith by phone and admits Rey’s not there before disconnecting. She then contemplates texting someone but stops.

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